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The Gathering Lede

NRA Family Events: Palmetto State Armory "The Gathering"

This new South Carolina tradition is set to take place March 22 - 23, 2024 ... will your family attend?

Wild Table with Savage Arms: Wild Turkey Salad Croissants

Can we resist a joke about how your kids will "gobble" them up? (Apparently not!)

NWTF: Can Turkey Hens Gobble?

Is the "gobbling hen" a modern old wives' tale, or is it something you may actually see and hear?

Video Review: Heritage Rough Rider Rancher Rimfire Revolver Carbine

It's everything you love about a revolver, everything you want from a carbine ... and all you need for pure shooting fun.

Connecting with Conservation (& Savage Arms Factory Tour!)

The Outdoor Stewards of Conservation Foundation and Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife teamed up in service of conservation with the legendary arms maker.

Video Review: TriStar Arms Viper G2 Pro Semi-Auto Shotgun

Versatile, reliable, durable and affordable ... here's why the TriStar Arms Viper G2 Pro is the NRA Gun of the Week!

NRA Family Event of the Year: 2024 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

The famous "NRA Show" is returning to Dallas for the Second Amendment family event of the year!

New for 2024: Glock's G43X "The Rose"

Love, it is a flower, and this one fills a need.

NWTF: Wild Turkeys Come in Weird Colors

You know that turkey-feather colors vary by species and area, but did you know about the rare color variants?

Video Review: CZ-USA's Shadow 2 Compact Pistol

The hotly anticipated, match-ready concealed carry gun is here!

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