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Too Hot? 4 Fun Outdoor Activities for After Sunset

When it's too hot to go outside and "touch grass" during the day, waiting for sunset might just be the ticket.

Throwback Thursday: British Enfield .476 Revolvers

The British made (and continue to make) some excellent firearms. This, however, wasn't one of them.

NRA Family Events: Remington's 2024 Shoot to Cure Fundraiser

Last year, Big Green raised $15K. This year, they're "shooting" for more ... won't you join them?

NRA 2A Day Spotlight: A.F. Boyer Hardware Store

A.F. Boyer Hardware & Guns is the oldest continuously family-owned and operated gun and hardware store in the country!

Throwback Thursday: The Court-Martial of Daniel Boone

As a captive of war, he ran the gauntlet ... but that didn't compare to what faced him at home.

Video: Savage Journeys & Making it Rain Outdoors

Rain was born with deer antlers and fish scales—at least, that’s what her dad tells her!

ATV, Quad, Dirt Bike? Please Ride Right!

Riding off-road vehicles is great fun, but please ride right (so you can ride again).

Throwback Thursday: Daniel Trabue, Teenager to American Frontiersman

Join us for a trip in time back to the American Revolution, when everyone was a frontiersman!

NRA Family Fun: Get Your Summer Jam On

Kids bored? Want to teach them something constructive and enjoy that lesson for the months to come? Go berry picking and make some jam!

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