Video Review: Ruger Super Wrangler Single-Action Revolver

When our reviewers call down for more ammo, please, and don't want to leave the range ...

posted on May 31, 2024

NRA Publications' firearm testers had a problem with our range time with the Ruger Super Wrangler: There wasn't enough of it. This NRA Gun of the Week earned the honor with solid construction, thoughtful details and handling that caused us to go through much more ammunition while testing this firearm than was, strictly speaking, necessary. Our excuse was that, with an included interchangeable cylinder that turns this pistol from .22LR to .22WMR, we simply had to make sure both calibers worked equally well. (They did, but we shot some more of it anyway. Just to be sure. Ahem.)

In this great video from our friends at American Rifleman, you'll see just how simple the cylinder swap is, as well as the ways in which the Super Wrangler has evolved from its (also incredibly popular and fun to shoot) Wrangler roots.

"There are a few differences outside of convertibility between the original Wrangler and the Super Wrangler," our testers noted. "First is that the latter is heavier to withstand the higher pressures of .22 WMR, because a tougher steel frame material is needed. With its 5.5” cold-hammer-forged steel barrel, the Super Wrangler tips the scales at just under 38 ozs. compared to the 6.5”-barreled Wrangler that weighs around 6 ozs. lighter.

"The Super Wrangler also comes with a fully adjustable rear sight assembly and ramped post up front, whereas the non-magnum version is merely a top-strap notch that pairs with a Cerakote-finished blade front. These are big improvements over the original design and worthy of the title Super Wrangler." The MSRP is just $329 (but be sure to budget for lots of .22 ammo, too!);


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