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Why You Missed Turkey Lede

5 Reasons We Miss Shots on Spring Turkeys (& What to Do)

He is strutting in front of you with all his glory and you press the trigger … and he runs off unscathed. What happened?

First Impressions: Prime Archery's 1st Youth Compound Bow

They're calling it the NXT because "The I Want to Shoot the Same Bow as Mom and Dad Model" is too long.

How to Make Your Own Turkey Fan Mount

Creating a timeless commemoration of your hunt is easier and cheaper than you think!

NWTF: Why Do Turkeys Roll in the Dirt?

Wildlife biologists call it "dusting," but why do turkeys do it? National Wild Turkey Federation's "Dr. Tom" explains.

NWTF: Can Turkey Hens Gobble?

Is the "gobbling hen" a modern old wives' tale, or is it something you may actually see and hear?

How to Trick Turkeys with Camouflage Face Paint

Yes, it's makeup ... but it's tactical makeup!

Reviewed: Cooper Hunting Bow Master+ Tree Stand Blind

Elevation and obscuration without precipitation or frustration, almost easy as inflation ... our reviewer says "yes"!

Teasing Tom! Play Hard-to-Get this Turkey Season

Show him you "ain't no hollaback girl."

How to Survive a Rockslide

What's worse than an avalanche? How about an avalanche of rocks?

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