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Aging Eyes Lead

How to Train for Handgun Hunting

Here's what to do before you bust out the big-bore, long-barrel revolvers.

Wild Table with Savage Arms: Elk Curry & Toasted Coconut

Rich spices, smooth coconut and a little bite of fire at the finish ... the last step is to say "yum"!

6 Steps to Stopping Human/Bear Conflicts

This isn't just about your and your family's safety ... it's also best for the bears.

NRA Guide: How to Use Your Gun's Sights

Using your gun's sights properly is a little bit counterintuitive. We explain the basics here.

5 Biggest Misconceptions Around Reloading

Except for the one about how reloaders are obsessed, because that one's true ... try and you will be, too!

Morel Instruction: Foraging for Wild Mushrooms

Even if you don't like mushrooms, did you know they sell for $20/lb. or more?

How to Choose the Best Airgun Ammunition

Picking a pellet off the shelf without careful consideration is not likely to result in perfect accuracy or downrange energy.

How to Reduce Revolver Recoil

Wheelguns don't have to kick like mules in order to serve as your defensive, hunting or target-shooting guns!

Wildlife Dilemma: What to Do With a Grounded Baby Bird

Did you ever think you'd see an NRA guide to "picking up chicks"? Us neither!

Wild Table with Savage Arms: Venison T-Bone & French Trimmed Racks

Indulge in the rich flavors of venison with Mike Robinson’s exquisite reverse seared Venison T-Bone and French Trimmed Rack recipe.

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