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Can You Use a Field Shotgun for Home Defense?

The short answer is "yes," with a "but." The long answer is below!

How to Survive a Rockslide

What's worse than an avalanche? How about an avalanche of rocks?

How to Avoid Ruining Your Gun's Optics

A clean, ethical harvest relies on clear, undistorted vision.

How to Grip a Heavy-Caliber Pistol to Increase Accuracy & Reduce Recoil

Think you can’t compete in semi-auto pistol competitions with a caliber higher than .22? Think again!

Top 5 Questions I Get as a Gunwriter

When it comes to making a living, is the pen mightier than the sword ... um, gun?

How to Shoot an Air Rifle Accurately

Airguns are terrible tattletales when it comes to marksmanship. Here's how to keep them quieter.

NRA Family Fun: Snowmobile Safety Tips

Get out and enjoy your wonderful winter ... but be safe on that fresh powder!

How to Travel by Air With Firearms & Ammunition

It is legal to fly with firearms, but there are some important things to know.

Mastering Sight Picture, Sight Radius & Hold

There are three simple things that affect your marksmanship with every shot; two of them are under your control, and the third depends on your firearm.

3 Reasons to Reduce Your Rifle Ammo Reloads

If you reload (also called handloading) your ammo, there are valid reasons to reduce the powder charge. Here's why.

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