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Kicking Horse

How to Reduce Revolver Recoil

Wheelguns don't have to kick like mules in order to serve as your defensive, hunting or target-shooting guns!

What You Must Know About Gun Stock Fit

The stock is the interface between you and your gun, so naturally it's a critical part of your performance.

How to Shoot a Shotgun

Don't laugh ... rifle and pistol shooters need to master a different skillset to shoot scatterguns effectively. Here are the basics.

How to Mentor a New Shooter on the Range

Mentoring a new shooter has a lot of self-satisfaction and empowerment for both student and teacher.

Yes, You Should Break-In a New Gun's Barrel (Here's How)

No, it's not mandatory, but this simple process can make cleaning easier and accuracy better for years to come.

How to Dry-Fire Your Gun Safely

Whether you call it "dry practice" or "dry-fire," dropping the hammer on an empty chamber has its own set of rules.

Video: What Makes a Firearm?

A firearm is nothing more than the sum of its parts ... and here are what the parts are, and how we describe them.

10 Ways to Instill Safe Gun Handling

Mentoring someone who is brand-new to firearms can be one of the great joys in life.

Gun Science: What's the Best Metal for Gun Barrels?

The answer is "it depends," but before we delve into that, it's important to understand the challenges that barrel makers face.

Optics Terms Defined: Aberrations

The purpose of an optic is to deliver a true-to-life image. Sometimes that goes a bit sideways (or spherical) ...

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