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Lefever Damascus

Gun Safety: Damascus Barrels & Smokeless vs. Black Powder

Damascus steel is beautiful, striking ... and not adequate as a barrel material for modern ammo. Here's what you should know.

Optics Terms Defined: Contrast to Focal Plane

Here's what all that argot actually alphabetical order, no less.

VIDEO: Henry Repeating & 22Plinkster on Introducing Kids to Gun Safety and Hunting

A lifetime of enjoyment always starts with learning the basics of firearm safety, as trick shooter Dave Nash demonstrates.

Ammo Explained: What's a Primer?

The short answer is "the reason why we don't have to light a fuse to shoot anymore," but there's more!

Understanding Range Commands is Critical to Gun Safety

If you're a new shooter visiting a shooting range, there are some gun-specific terms of art you need to know.

NRA's Rules for Gun-Range Safety & Etiquette

The Three Rules of Gun Safety apply everywhere, but if you're shooting at a public range, there's more you need to know.

Dangerous Game Rifles: Double-Rifle Barrels & Drillings

In America, if you see a double-barreled gun, it's almost certainly a shotgun. Not so overseas!

How to Tell If Your Gun's Safety Is On or Off

Not all guns have external safety mechanisms, but if yours does, it's important to understand how it works.

Gun Safety & Alcohol Don't Mix!

Here's why alcoholic beverages should wait until after the guns are put away ... no exceptions!

5 Public-Range Party Fouls

This NRA-certified instructor has seen it all, and then some. Here's what NOT to do.

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