Shh ... Here's the Truth About Silencers

The CEO of Silencer Central explains how his company streamlines the process of buying this simple, hearing-preserving safety device.

posted on March 9, 2023

Whether you call them suppressors or silencers, nobody understands these safety devices like Silencer Central CEO Brandon Maddox. He founded the company after realizing just how frustrating and confusing the process of purchasing a suppressor was. Did you notice our use of the past tense? That's because after years of working closely with NRA, the ATF and various lawmakers countrywide, buying a suppressor for your firearms is faster and easier than it has been in almost 100 years. 

As anyone who's ever shot using a silencer before can tell you, these devices don't actually "silence" the report. (That was a marketing ploy by the inventor of the silencer, Hiram Maxim.) With the exception of subsonic rimfire calibers, all a silencer does is make the sound of gunfire a bit quieter--it still sounds like gunfire. How much quieter? Modern suppressors can reduce the sound of gunfire by up to 36 decibels (dB), which greatly reduces your risk of sound-induced hearing loss. 

What did it take for Maddox to create the Silencer Central system, and what do you need to know before you buy? Check out this great video from our friends at America's 1st Freedom! Editor in Chief Frank Miniter and Silencer Central CEO Brandon Maddox explain how to navigate the labyrinthine laws of sound reduction. Shh ...


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