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5 Signs It's Time to Leave the Range

Firearms are safe and reliable, but people aren't always so. Here's what to watch for on the shooting range.

Defining Terms: What is "Ballistics"?

Never mind boxing; ballistics is the real "sweet science"!

USA Clay Target League & NRA Foundation Launch New Athlete/Coach Certification Programs

The NRA Foundation is very proud to help with this one-of-a-kind learning tool, now available for just $25 per course.

5 Gun-Handling Blanket Statements, Folded

If you're new to shooting, you'll hear some oversimplified concepts that might push you in the wrong direction. Here's what to consider.

CMP's 2024 Junior Air Nationals a Huge Success

Marking the beginning of a new tradition for this annual national high school match.

Hornady's Zombies in the Heartland Match Rises Once More in 2024

Hornady has announced the dates for this unique 3-Gun match in 2024 ... use your BRAINS and register now!

How to Shoot an Air Rifle Accurately

Airguns are terrible tattletales when it comes to marksmanship. Here's how to keep them quieter.

Lapua Rimfire Performance Centers: Precision Shooting's Open Secret

No shooting sport is more high-tech than competitive smallbore ... and here's where the scientists calibrate their instruments.

What's "Plinking"?

Plinking is more than onomatopoeia ... it's the perfect introduction to gun safety for beginners!

Civilian Marksmanship Program Announces 2024 Junior Rifle Camps

Improve skills and work toward college opportunities at CMP’s 2024 Junior Rifle Camps!

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