Video Review: Cimarron Model P Single-Action Revolver

The year 2023 marks the 150th anniversary of the Colt Single Action Army, and this is one of the best reproduction designs we've seen.

posted on August 23, 2023

The Cimarron Model P single-action revolver is a reproduction of the original Colt, but this six-shooter goes way beyond imitation. Oh, everything that everyone loves about a Colt Single-Action Army is here: the classic four-click hammer cock spells out C-O-L-T just like the original. The 7.5" barrel and .45 Colt chambering that are part of the classic Colt SAA format are present. The groove in the topstrap that the shooter uses as a rear sight is here. What's also here is a fix to one of the classic Colt's only weaknesses. The cylinder spring has been switched from a flat model to a coiled one, a significant improvement in durability.

Interestingly, it took an Italian company to recreate this cowboy classic ... although this has a bit of historical precedent, too (albeit from the 20th century). Fans of the cowboy movie genre are familiar with the so-called "Spaghetti Western," which is a classical American cowboy movie filmed by Italian directors in European deserts. However, unlike those movies, the Cimarron Model P is a very real six-shooter.

In this great video from our friends at American Rifleman, you'll learn why the Cimarron Model P makes the grade as the NRA Gun of the Week! "There’s nothing quite like shooting a classically styled Single Action Army," they write. "The crisp trigger and the clean sweep of the checkered hammer spur brings shooters back in time. The plow-handle wood grip allows the gun to roll in the hand during recoil, which softens some of the blow from the .45 Colt cartridge. Loading and ejecting cartridges in this Cimarron Model P is easy, and it’s a sweet shooter that makes for a fun range day." For more information, visit Cimarron online!


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