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2022 Holiday Roundup Lede

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illustration of pirate Anne Bonny taking aim with blackpowder pistol

Fun Friday: The Truth About Pirates

All about their ships, weapons & way of life.

Throwback Thursday: Sarah Edmonds, Union Spy

Winter, early 1860s, northern Virginia …

What's it Like to Be a Wildlife K-9 Officer On Opening Day?

Opening day is exciting for everyone--here's what it's like for law enforcement.

Matchlock, Wheellock, Flintlock: What's the Difference?

What distinguishes these very early guns from each other?

Fun Friday: 3 Incredibly Creepy Outdoor Legends

Just in time for Halloween: Three nightmare campfire tales with just an element of truth.

Throwback Thursday: Marcus Hanna, Singular American Hero

Only one man has ever received the Congressional Medal of Honor AND the gold Lifesaving Medal...

Wild Harvest: Foraging for Mushrooms

You look like a fungi ... let's go gather some of Nature's bounty this fall!

Throwback Thursday: John Ruthven, 20th-Century Audubon

“I’ll keep painting as long as birds fly and I can lift a brush.”

Throwback Thursday: Carlos Hathcock's Stevens Model 15A Rifle

The legendary "White Feather" started his shooting career with a $4 gun.

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