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The Gathering Lede

NRA Family Events: Palmetto State Armory "The Gathering"

This new South Carolina tradition is set to take place March 22 - 23, 2024 ... will your family attend?

Wild Table with Savage Arms: Wild Turkey Salad Croissants

Can we resist a joke about how your kids will "gobble" them up? (Apparently not!)

Throwback Thursday: Sacagawea, Shoshone Guide (& Sometime Savior)

The legends about her somehow don't manage to capture just how exceptional Sacagawea truly was.

Throwback Thursday: The War Woman, Nancy Morgan Hart

They weren't expecting any trouble from a lone woman and her children. But trouble is what they got!

NRA Family Event of the Year: 2024 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

The famous "NRA Show" is returning to Dallas for the Second Amendment family event of the year!

Man Vs. Squirrel: GAMO & Buckmasters Squirrel Master Classic 2024

The author came armed with an airgun to this battle of wits of writer against rodent. Did he prevail?

Fun Friday: Turkey Hunting & the Importance of Enunciation

He wanted his daughter's first tom turkey to be an unforgettable experience ... and, well, it was!

Visit Silencer Central at the 2024 NWTF Convention (& Maybe Win a Silencer)

It's a huge convention with tons of things for your NRA Family to enjoy ... and here's a can't-miss highlight!

NRA Family Entertainment: LIVinOutdoors TV Show

From homesteading to homeschooling, the O’Haras do it all--while armed and in style.

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