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Rising Shooting Stars: Luke Sowinski

What does it take to shoot airgun pellets out to 100 yards with accuracy?

Rising Shooting Stars: Trace Hatfield

"I shoot for myself but also to honor my family members who have come before me ..."

Rising Shooting Stars: Cole Shanholtz

The shooting sports sustain and unite this father-son duo ... what an NRA Family!

Rising Shooting Stars: Elizabeth “Libby” Faust

Some of the best shooters weren't born with gun in hand at all ... as Libby proves, "natural" ability isn't necessary.

Rising Shooting Stars: Jenna Larsen

They call her "Braided Steel," and here's why!

Rising Shooting Stars: Amanda Wright

Ever met someone who won their Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge and President’s 100 tab in the same week? Now you have.

Rising Shooting Stars: Connor Knapp

Most entries to competition may happen by "accident," but in Connor's case, it was clearly kismet.

Rising Shooting Stars: Gianni Giordano

Shooting competitor, straight-A student, small-business owner and farmer ... this rising shooting star has it all.

Rising Shooting Stars: Aidan Cole

This young man's Silhouette career is already casting a big shadow!

Rising Shooting Stars: Ethan Clark

Imagine finding a lifelong passion just because you missed a deadline.

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