Video Review: Heritage Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy Revolver

Yes, we said "tactical cowboy" ... and we meant it, too. Find out why this is NRA's Gun of the Week!

posted on September 29, 2022

"Tactical Cowboy"? It may seem like those two words are a bit at odds with one another, but the Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy revolver is proof that the two can co-exist. This single-action-only rimfire revolver would be just as at home around an 1876 campfire as it would in your gun locker ... as long as those hypothetical 1876 campfire friends didn't look too closely at the 21st-century features this wheelgun boasts. 

Fact is, had those 21st-century features been available at the time of American expansion in the West, absolutely every cowboy would have insisted on them for their sidearms. From the threaded barrel that allows you to attach a suppressor, to the Picatinny rail that can support optics and lights, to the carbon-fiber composite stock, this is the cowboy revolver that should have won the West. Chambered in .22 LR with an optional conversion cylinder for .22 WMR and weighing in at 1 lb., this wheelgun has essentially zero felt recoil and amazing accuracy.

What else makes  the Heritage Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy worth of the NRA Gun of the Week title? Our friends at American Rifleman have the answers!



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