Video Review: Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol 12-Gauge Shotgun

This workhorse defensive shotgun offers some interesting departures from "the usual."

posted on October 19, 2023

"Fast-handling, easy to load, fun to shoot and effective for a wide range of uses," enthused our testers over the latest addition to the Beretta A300 family: the Ultima Patrol shotgun. This 12-gauge gas-operated semi-automatic scattergun offers many of the features you've come to expect from a defensive gun ... and a few you haven't. What makes the Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol the NRA Gun of the Week?

The A300 continues Beretta’s 500-year legacy of top-tier engineering, but the design is geared toward the cost-conscious American consumer. Like other defensive shotguns, it has black polymer furniture, M-LOK slots for accessories and a relatively short barrel. But that's just the departure point for the A300 Ultima Patrol.

The A300 Ultima Patrol's barrel is crafted from steel, measures 19.1” long and is threaded for chokes, which is rather unusual for most tactical-type shotguns, because they usually have a fixed constriction at the muzzle. The controls have also been upgraded for daily use: There is a a large, serrated paddle on the right side that is the bolt release. A reciprocation charging handle comes standard on the A300, but this model has a proud, round profile and annular grooves for purchase. The safety is a crossbolt design and nests just forward of the trigger.

How does it shoot? "Throughout our testing," remarked American Rifleman editors, "the A300 Ultima Patrol performed admirably. Its self-cleaning, gas-operated action is robust and functions reliably with even the heaviest 3” shells." Want to learn more or find a dealer? Visit!




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