Video Review: Magnum Research .350 Legend Big Frame Revolver

It's a big gun, made for big accuracy, big game and big fun!

posted on November 4, 2022

If you're old enough to remember the movie Crocodile Dundee (and if you aren't, go watch it ... it's a classic), you no doubt remember the scene in which some thug tries to pull a knife on Dundee. "Oh that's not a knoife," he drawls in his Aussie accent, while drawing his own machete-sized blade, "this is a knoife." Well, people who own revolvers feel very much the same way about Magnum Research's Big Frame Revolver (BFR).

This is a gun.

Newcomers to the Second Amendment scene may be a little intimidated by the sheer size and the meaty chamberings in which the BFR is offered. Fact is, the bigger and heavier the gun, the less recoil you'll feel ... so the BFR is remarkably comfortable to shoot. That long barrel gives you a nice, long sight radius so you can take long shots with accuracy and confidence. Although one can certainly use the BFR for target shooting or home defense (we must admit it's not optimized for concealed carry), what this revolver was really designed to do was go hunting. It's chambered in .350 Legend, which is a rifle caliber that's well-suited for taking big game. As far as the size of the gun goes, when you compare the size of the BFR to the size of a .350 Legend rifle, it seems quite compact and portable indeed, doesn't it?

In this terrific video review from our friends at American Rifleman, you'll get to see the capabilities of this iconic revolver in the all-new .350 Legend caliber. Find out what it's like to shoot the Big Frame Revolver and why this is the NRA Gun of the Week!


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