Video Review: Heritage Rough Rider Rancher Rimfire Revolver Carbine

It's everything you love about a revolver, everything you want from a carbine ... and all you need for pure shooting fun.

posted on March 13, 2024

The single-action revolver isn't new, but it remains one of the most stable and reliable firearm platforms in history. The carbine rifle isn't new either; Americans have been using them since the 19th century. Using a revolver action on a carbine isn't new either ... but what is new is the Heritage Rough Rider Rancher Carbine, a .22-caliber revolving rifle that's changing the way we shoot in the backcountry. In this terrific review from American Rifleman, you'll get a closer look at the "hold" we used to test this firearm. 

There's a reason why we're shooting it the way you see in this video review. "One of the more unique aspects of the Rough Rider Rancher Carbine is the extended spur below the trigger guard," say the reviewers. "This is intended to form part of the support grip, as holding the gun out on the barrel, forward of the cylinder, can expose the inside of the forearm to hot gas and lead escaping from the cylinder gap. While this unique hold looks awkward, it’s actually a comfortable and very stable way to shoot the gun."

As a single-action-only firearm, the gun must be manually cocked for every shot. That does add a quarter-second or so of time, but it means that the gun simply cannot be picky about its diet. The user should be able to use even extremely light handloads or snakeshot without worries of failure. 

Our testers found that at 4 lbs. and an overall length of 32", the Heritage Rough Rider Rancher Carbine is simplicity itself to tote and shoot. They note, "In keeping with the gun’s Old West origins, the Rough Rider Rancher Carbine is outfitted with a set of traditional sights, to include the quarter-moon-style fixed front sight blade and an elevation-adjustable buckhorn rear sight. There’s also a ring at the mid-point of the barrel that supports a sling mount, along with another mounting point at the toe of the stock. A traditional leather sling comes with the carbine, completing the classic look and making it easy to carry."

Check out this video to learn how the Heritage Rough Rider Rancher Carbine garnered its NRA Gun of the Week title! For more, visit


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