6 Mother's Day Gifts (We Promise She Doesn't Already Have)

Candy, flowers and perfume? Bo-ring.

posted on May 3, 2022
walther pdp-f pistol

Mother’s Day, just like Father’s Day, has its own batch of stereotypical gifts that moms across the country find themselves receiving from family, friends and loved ones. Candy, flowers and perfume? Bo-ring. This year, why not forego the predictable and surprise the gun-totin’, range-lovin’ mom in your life with one of the following useful and unique gifts?

Walther Arms: PDP-F

No gift list is complete with at least one gun option for Mom! The way we can promise that she doesn't have this one is that it's brand-spanking-new. The Walther PDP-F features a unique grip that was engineered from thousands of points of biomechanical data to uniquely fit a woman’s hands. Featuring one of the best out-of-the-box triggers on the market, this 9mm handgun has all of the performance features of the “regular” PDP, but with a new patented operating system resulting in a reduction in slide rack force, which makes it easier to work the slide.  The only thing left is to choose a few boxes of ammo and Mom is ready to hit the range! (waltherarms.com)

Gatorz delta sunglasses

GatorZ: Delta Polarized Sunglasses

Known for their high-end eyewear, GatorZ recently launched their Mother's Day collection. Here you will find a variety of frame shapes, sizes and colors. One of our favorites this season is the Delta model of polarized sunglasses. Perfect for when Mom hits the range for some target practice or wants to look stylish while out running errands, these glasses are sure to please. Featuring a frame that complements all face shapes, these lenses are available in over a dozen colorations, with the vermilion polarized mirrored lenses amongst the top choices this time of year. (gatorz.com)

gold foil embellished soft rifle case

Girls With Guns: Gold Foil Rifle Case

You might think a rifle case is the equivalent of giving Mom a vacuum cleaner, but we can pretty much guarantee that mom doesn't have a gun case like this one! The Gold Foil Rifle Case from Girls With Guns brings the perfect amount of feminine touch to your range gear without going over the top. It accommodates rifles up to 46 inches long with plenty of room—including for scoped rifles, which can oftentimes be a problem to fit properly. Additionally, there's a handy zippered pocket on the outside of the case perfect for spare earplugs, targets or even a box or two of ammo. (gwgclothing.com)

GTM embellished purse

GTM 4-in-1 Crossbody Purse

When it comes to finding just the right gift for the special woman in your life, you can never go wrong with a new bag. Whether it be a range bag, waist pack or purse, they’re practical and attractive. The 4-in-1 Crossbody Purse from GTM serves double duty carrying Mom’s daily essentials such as her lipstick wallet, and keys—but also her trusty sidearm. Available in several designs, this bag has a plethora of pockets for organizational options galore, while secretly hiding an ambidextrous access holster for her favorite compact or subcompact carry gun.  (gtmoriginal.com)


a girl and a gun new shooter kit

A Girl & A Gun: New Shooter Kit and Range Bag

Perhaps Mom is getting a new gun for Mother's Day and you want to get her set up with the essentials … look no further! The New Shooter Kit and Range Bag from A Girl & A Gun contains all of the essentials and more to help ensure that your Mom has everything she needs come range day. This bundle includes a range bag with two pistol pouches, a container of Lead-Off wipes, a shooter's towel, hat, Uplula speed loader, seven pairs of earplugs with their own handy travel case and two pairs of SSP eye protection. (agirlandagun.org)

bullet bouquet

Bullet Bouquets: Happy Mother’s Day Bullet Flower Bouquet

So initially we promised unique gift ideas that departed from those that have proven predictable over the years. Well, rules were made to be broken and once you take a closer look at this gift option you'll see why. These "flowers" from Bullet Bouquets will last a lifetime, unlike the bouquet Mom may be used to getting! When choosing the perfect set of "flowers" for mom, you'll have the option of two different bloom sizes: The large blooms are created of .45 caliber bullets, while the medium-sized blooms are created from a combination of 9mm and .40-cal. bullets. Additional customization options are available, such as the number of “blooms” that you’d like in your bouquet and your choice of either a ceramic or aluminum flowerpot.  (bulletbouquets.com)



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