5 Great Outdoor Articles You (and We) Missed

posted on March 4, 2016
Every so often, we here at NRA Family will take a tour around the other publications offered by the NRA, and slowly grow greener and greener with envy. "I wish I'd published that," we'll think to ourselves. Well, just because we've turned the color of a new-mown lawn doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy these awesome articles from other publications produced here at NRA. Here are our picks of can't-miss articles from our friends—enjoy!

1. American Hunter: 5 Great Rifles Under $500
If you're in the market for a hunting rifle, you may have noticed something: They can be quite expensive. If your hunting goal is to put meat in the freezer, it may seem a bit counterintuitive to spend thousands of dollars for the tool with which you plan to do it. However, there are some really terrific and reliable rifles out there that will pay for themselves in a season or two. American Hunter's contributor Keith Wood breaks it down for you. Click here to read!

2. American Rifleman: Gun Buybacks and Fiscal Reality 
Every time you see a gun buyback announced, whether it's local or nationwide, it always seems to make the news. Breathless editorials will announce the time and place; rewards for turning in guns will be touted in 16-point type. If you've been paying attention to the way Second Amendment issues are often treated by the "mainstream" media, however, you may have noticed something: There's often very little followup after the fact. American Rifleman's Guy Sagi decided to file a FOIA request to find out just how many firearms were turned in during one such recent buyback. His results may surprise you (or not)

3. Shooting Illustrated: Hoppes Gun Medic 
Everybody knows that if you want your firearm to be reliable and to hold its value, you have to clean it regularly. Nobody wants to actually do it. Shooting Illustrated's Associate Editor Jay Grazio highlights a new product from an old name that promises turn a tedious chore into a breeze. Click here to check out Jay's evaluation! 

4. Shooting Sports USA: Crafting Her Own Fate
Shooting Sports USA is NRA's publication for shooting-sports aficionados. As such, they're profiling the Olympic shooters who will be representing the USA at this year's Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This interview with world champion shotgun shooter Morgan Craft, who will be competing in women's skeet, will inspire you.

5. America's First Freedom: What is Your Vulnerability Index?
America's First Freedom's Clay Turner tackles a tough subject: How can you evaluate your risk of becoming a potential victim of crime? Whether it's your schedule, your habits or physical factors beyond your control, this is a great opportunity to realistically evaluate your vulnerability.

Whatever reason you're interested in the world of the Second Amendment, your NRA has a publication for you. Each of the articles above is linked to a website that is updated frequently and is free to visit, so if you liked what you read today, please bookmark them!


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