10 Hot Cold-Weather Hunting Togs For Women

posted on October 29, 2018

As deer season gets closer and the temperatures colder, it’s time to consider investing in some quality cold-weather hunting attire. Since it’s a known fact that women’s body temperatures are lower than men’s, we ladies need that extra heat in order to stay warm while sitting in a tree stand. Here are just a few items that might come in handy on one of those bitter cold days waiting for the perfect buck to arrive:

1. Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket

This jacket is sure to make you a fanatic with its insulated built-in hand muff and diagonal full zip. With a Berber fleece face silencing the Gore Windstopper barrier, and Primaloft Silver Insulation trapping your body heat right where you need it, this jacket will be a great companion in the tree stand and keep you toasty all day long. MSRP: $399 sitkagear.com

2. Prois Torai Pants

Prois’s Torai pants are lined with bonded microfleece for added warmth for cold-weather hunting. Additionally, these pants are windproof, water resistant and offer stretchable fabric for comfort and mobility. With other features including numerous deep-set pockets and a side boot zip, these are sure to be a great companion while trekking through the woods. MSRP: $159.99 proishunting.com

3. Huntworth Ladies Lightweight Long Sleeve Hunting Shirt

Perfect as a layering piece under your hunting jacket or by itself, this camouflage shirt is lightweight and cut to fit. Featuring tapered cuffs with thumbholes, it provides extended camo coverage. Plus, as an added bonus, the fabric is chemically treated with an anti-microbial scent control to keep odor down. MSRP: $25.99 huntworthgear.com

4. Cabela’s SHE Outdoor Women’s 2.0 Lightweight Base-Layer Pants

Adding on the layers, Cabela’s SHE Outdoor Women’s 2.0 Lightweight Base-Layer Pants boast extra warmth with Thermal-TR yarn-based technology for ultimate thermal regulation. These pants are breathable, fast drying and moisture wicking, allowing you to also keep cool while on the move. They will also help in masking your scent with their X-Odor technology, which absorbs and neutralizes odors in the field. MSRP: $44.99 cabelas.com

5. KUIU Women’s Super Down Ultra Vest

If a jacket isn’t your style or you want an extra layer under the jacket, KUIU has you covered with its Women’s Super Down Ultra Vest. Sporting 850+FP goose down treated with Toray DWR for water repellency, this vest is light, warm, packable and also windproof. And not only will it save you from one of those windy days in the tree stand, but you can do it in style! The hand pockets are placed at the hem for a flattering fit with cord ends inside the pocket for easy adjustment. The vest will retain its loft even when wet. MSRP: $189 kuiu.com

6. LaCrosse Footwear Women’s Silencer Boots

“Silently tread wherever the hunt may take you” is the tag line for these LaCrosse Footwear Women’s Silencer Boots, and silence you should get. These boots feature low-profile lugs to keep you light on your feet, providing you the stealth you need while pursuing your prey. They give you the traction you need for difficult terrain while at the same time keeping your feet warm with their dry-core lining and BOOG thinsulate ultra insulation. MSRP: $110 lacrossefootwear.com

7. Sitka Women’s Equinox Glove

If you’re like me and constantly have freezing cold hands, then you’ll for sure want a nice pair of gloves while hunting. The Sitka Women’s Equinox Glove allows you to climb into your stand and shoot your firearm with precision all while keeping your hands nice and warm. Lightweight and durable, they offer conductive technology in the index finger and thumb, which permits operation of a touch screen GPS or phone. MSRP: $79 sitkagear.com

8. Prois Tintri Neck Gaiter

It's one thing to leave a little skin bare at freezing temps; quite another to do so when the mercury drops below zero! If you want to make sure every part of your body is covered, the Prois Tintri Neck Gaiter will protect your neck and throat from Mother Nature. Offering the perfect combination of warmth and concealment, the neck gaiter is lightweight and can be worn multiple ways as a neckerchief, neck gaiter or headband (to name just a few). The fabric is soft and breathable and also provides UV protection, which is crucial if you're going to be out on the snow on a sunny day. MSRP: $14.99 proishunting.com

9. Cabela’s SHE Outdoor Women’s Reversible Fleece Beanie

They say that we lose the most heat from the tops of our heads, so it's a prime part of staying warm when you're motionless in a tree stand. The SHE Outdoor Women’s Reversible Beanie is soft and warm helping you to trap that heat from leaving the body. Additionally, it pulls double duty as a camo beanie and blaze beanie, meaning you can use it to signal your presence with the blaze side. MSRP: $19.99 cabelas.com

10. Shower Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Mountain Socks

Last (but certainly not least) are the Shower Pass Crosspoint Waterproof Mountain Socks. These socks say it all in their name with their waterproof and windproof three-layer construction. Made of a wool blend, these socks are great to have for not only hunting but for every outdoor adventure you plan to go on. MSRP: $45 showerpass.com


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