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Elk Curry With Toasted Coconut Wild Table Ready To Eat

Wild Table with Savage Arms: Elk Curry & Toasted Coconut

Rich spices, smooth coconut and a little bite of fire at the finish ... the last step is to say "yum"!

NRA Guide: How to Use Your Gun's Sights

Using your gun's sights properly is a little bit counterintuitive. We explain the basics here.

Wild Table with Savage Arms: Mushroom Stuffed Flounder & Elderberry Sauce

This one goes out to all the foragers and fishers with a "yum"!

Video Review: Rossi Brawler Single-Shot Handgun

Take your pick of .410 bore or .45 LC, then take this beefy "brawler" hunting!

Throwback Thursday: American Rifleman's YouTube Debut

So low-resolution and grainy ... how did we even live back then? (Still a great shotgun, though!)

NRA Family Entertainment: Legacy, the Story of Strut Commander

Ducks, bucks, purrs and clucks: The Robertson family has inspired so many. Will you be next?

Wild Table with Savage Arms: Venison T-Bone & French Trimmed Racks

Indulge in the rich flavors of venison with Mike Robinson’s exquisite reverse seared Venison T-Bone and French Trimmed Rack recipe.

Video Review: EAA Girsan MCP35 PI OPS Pistol

Hi, power! It's the most high-powered High Power based on the Hi-Power, making its power move.

Video: How Remington Shotshells Are Made

Unlike sausage, you absolutely do want to know what goes into your shotshells!

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