YUDU Outdoors: New Social Media Platform for Outdoorspeople

posted on May 10, 2017
Early this year, YUDU Outdoors quietly launched an innovation in social media that sportsmen and women have been requesting for years: a platform that doesn't discriminate against them for enjoying hunting and shooting. There are persistent rumors among hunting and shooting enthusiasts that legacy social media platforms are deliberately quashing content they produce. Others are disconcerted by the ways in which other social media users have attacked them for enjoying their sport—including threats and stalking. Still more are weary of having to block content that's...shall we say, less than family-friendly. That's why YUDU Outdoors' new website and app are sure to be welcomed by outdoor enthusiasts all over the nation.

"We want a place to share those things we love and the moments we are passionate about," said CEO Brian Senn. "A place for us, the people who love the outdoors. A place where our hunting and fishing friends, our shooting buddies, and our running and hiking groups are all welcome to post what they do. A place where we can share our opinions, our ideas and our views without having to worry about the backlash from people who may not agree with us."

Senn, an outdoor enthusiast himself, related that the idea for the site was born in a treestand in Kansas. "Every five minutes my phone would vibrate with a message, and it would usually be asking the same things: 'What are you seeing?' 'Are they chasing?' 'How is the weather?' 'Send me a picture!' They were wearing me out, and it's hard to respond to with gloves on! So, I started wishing for an app that would let me share pictures, answer questions, show the weather conditions, and so forth with all of my hunting buddies." But there's more to the service than simply being able to post a photo of your prize buck without getting flamed by anti-hunters; it also offers tools to help you in your outdoor pursuits, including geo-location/GPS tracking features, integrated weather, solunar charts and tables.

To sign up, visit YUDUoutdoors.com; you can also download the app (which has even more features) on Google Play or through Apple!


Bonfire Public Domain
Bonfire Public Domain

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