Marty Brown Open Shooting Event: Fighting Ovarian Cancer

posted on May 29, 2019

Marty Brown’s greatest love was for her family of four, including husband Phil, son Adam and daughter Lauren. She absolutely adored her children and spent many nights sleeping with one eye open listening in case they needed her. Marty was known for her flaming red hair, her infectious smile and the love in her heart for her fellow man. In September of 2013 tragedy struck the Brown family. As Marty was exercising, she noticed a lump in her lower abdomen. Within three days, she was scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor in her pelvis: Her diagnosis was stage 3C Ovarian Cancer.  

The next step in the treatment process was chemotherapy, and the oncologist decided to install a port in her right shoulder. As an avid shooter and part of Revere’s Riders, defiantly Marty exclaimed “NO! I need that shoulder for my rifle! Implant it in the left.” During the procedure, Marty proudly spoke about making 500-yard hits at Camp Atterbury with her AR-15, among countless other stories involving her participation and instruction in the shooting sports. Over the next three and a half years Marty endured rigorous chemotherapy treatment and 11 surgeries. She faced grave odds, yet she remained resolute in her faith and a shining beacon of hope. Although she gave it her all, Marty took her last breath on March 13, 2017 and left behind the legacy of a mother, wife, sister, daughter and a passionate believer in liberty and self-reliance. 

As an informal memorial Marty’s friends and family gathered at Camp Atterbury in November 2017 for what would become the first annual Marty Brown Invitational Shoot. The event was highly successful at remembering Marty and honoring her courage, and in 2018, Revere’s Riders held the second annual shoot. The response to these two events was overwhelming, and for 2019, Marty’s husband, Phil Brown, decided now was the time to help other women fighting the same battle Marty so bravely fought.

Along with Revere’s Riders, they partnered with a local non-profit that supports ovarian cancer patients, families and caretakers to create the Marty Brown Memorial Shoots with the sole purpose of raising funds and awareness for this terrible disease. On August 3-4, 2019 they will be having the first Marty Brown Open to help support the fight against ovarian cancer.

This event is being held in Bedford Indiana at the “Bedford Contingent” range. The event will be open to 45 shooters and their families at a cost of $200 per shooter. The entry fee covers lunch, range fees, swag bags and random prize drawings throughout the weekend courtesy of several industry sponsors. Spots are still available—however they are quickly filling.

The shooters will learn to safely shoot both pistols and rifles along with marksmanship fundamentals, shooting positions, breathing techniques, trigger control and natural point of aim. This event encompasses much more than firearms education, as all attendees will learn about early detection and screening for ovarian cancer as well. During the event there will be raffles, silent auctions and even competitive shooting activities to win prizes.

Numerous items have been donated to the cause, from electronic headsets to concealed-carry holsters and rifle bags. Some top prizes up for grabs are entire AR15 rifle build kits, Vortex optics and high-value gift cards.

A follow up event will be held at Camp Atterbury on November 2-3, 2019. The shooters who attend the August Marty Brown Open and pass with a qualifying score will be invited to participate and shoot at an active military base on their known distance course. This event is limited to 30 shooters and their families. The November shoot will have less instruction than the August Memorial Open, and will include competitive segments for chances at prizes along with random drawings for donated prizes worth $40-$250 (and up). The firearms community has graciously donated a plethora of merchandise, firearms and optics for giveaways and raffles. 

The money raised will be donated to help support the fight and ease the burden of those affected by this terrible disease. Revere’s Riders has been collecting donations from companies and individuals within the firearms industry since April of 2019. Rock River, Voodoo Tactical, American Gunsmith, Mossberg, Safariland, Ontario Knife Company, Alien Gear Holster, Tactical Fashion, Crimson Trace, Palmetto State Armory, GSM, Hodgdon, LWRC, Palmetto State Armory and Renaissance Firearms Instruction are among the companies that have pledged support and committed to endorse either one or both events through monetary donations or products.

Life has some major curve balls it will throw you. You can decide to lie down and take it, or you can look adversary in the eye and fight it with every fiber of your being all while keeping a smile on your face and a loving bright attitude.

To donate, please go to and donate in honor of Marty Brown or Revere’s Riders. For more information on how to attend or help, please contact [email protected].


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