What Do Youths Want? Ambassador Colt Karges Weighs In

posted on March 25, 2015

colt assist toolEach year, the NRA invites a number of outstanding youth to join us as the NRA/Brownells Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors. (The Ambassadors come to us from our co-op partners Boy Scouts of AmericaBSA's VenturingNational High School Rodeo AssociationRoyal RangersUSA Shooting and one youth representing NRA.) What's more, each year, the Ambassadors assist the editors of NRA Family InSights with a dilemma: We may know what we think are the latest and coolest products on offer, but do the youth of today agree? Towards this end, the Ambassadors visit the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, to let us know what new products interested them the most. Today, National High School Rodeo Association Ambassador Colt Karges is here to offer his opinion on what he found the most exciting. 

SOG Power Assist
This is the SOG Power Assist multi-tool, one of the highest quality multi-tools on the market. The most obvious and possibly the most useful feature is their compound leverage, which uses a cleaver gearing system to double the power of the pliers, allowing you to cut through most wire with ease. Next you will notice the assisted opening knives, accessible on the right grip only while the pliers are closed. These are extremely convenient, and they allow you to have either the straight or serrated blade open in a flash, while still having a locking safety. It also has six other tools located on the left grip (like a v-cutter, a three-sided file, three different screwdrivers and more), accessible with the pliers open. All of these will independently lock open.  It fits in your pocket remarkably well and is by far the best multi-tool I have ever used. www.sogknives.com

Kriss Sphinx pistol
This is the Sphinx SDP Compact alpha version of the new Sphinx arms compact line. This compact pistol is chambered in 9mm, and has a 15-round clip. The gun has a very high dose of innovation, sporting a slide which fits inside the frame of the gun instead of the conventional slide-over-frame design. This allows for a smaller slide and less room for your fingers to catch on it. The pistol is remarkably well balanced and has an incredibly low amount of barrel rise that's normally found on compact pistols.  This results in a fast shooting, accurate self-defense pistol. The gun is relatively thin and can be concealed quite easily. This is the only pistol I have ever used that I have liked more than my standard 1911. It is a beautiful piece of engineering that you have to feel to truly understand just how good it is. www.sphinxarms.com

Editor's Note: For more Ambassador picks, click here!



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