Video Review: Christensen Arms Ridgeline Scout Rifle

Light, lighter, lightest: This carbon-fiber wonder works as well on the tactical range as it does on a mountainside.

posted on April 5, 2022

Christensen Arms is nothing if not state-of-the-art ... and well the company should be, given its roots in the aeronautics industry! Perhaps it's that legacy that lends itself to Christensen's out-of-the-box approach to building rifles suitable for the next generation of high-speed, low-drag tactical shooters and traditional hunters alike. It starts with Christensen's materials technology, namely, carbon fiber. As we've noted here at NRA Family before, carbon fiber is becoming more and more popular as a stock material because it's lightweight, durable and dissipates heat well. That tech is well showcased indeed with the new Ridgeline Scout, a zephyr-light rifle suitable for strenuous hunting and tactical shooting.

In this NRA Gun of the Week video review, American Rifleman Managing Editor Evan Brune demonstrates how this bolt-action gun works so well in both worlds. The incredibly light weight of the Ridgeline Scout (a mere 5.9 pounds unloaded) combines with its reduced barrel length for terrific maneuverability. Then there's its 10-round proprietary detachable box magazine, a full-length Picatinny rail up top (for optics) and a shorter one below (for bipods or other devices). It comes with an included flash hider, but you can swap it for another muzzle device if you like. Finally, there's a sub-MOA guarantee for accuracy. MSRP $2,199;


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