Video Review: SCCY DVG-1RD Pistol

The company's first striker-fired concealed-carry handgun proves the SCCY's the limit for this budget-friendly brand.

posted on March 29, 2022

SCCY Industries may be relatively new on the concealed-carry scene—the company has only been around since 2003—but the company's reliable, wallet-friendly pistols have already become a mainstay for armed citizens nationwide. With MSRPs that start in the upper $200s and a wide variety of colors from which to choose, it's easy to see why. Up until now, however, all of SCCY's semi-automatic handguns have been hammer-fired. That can mean a longer, tougher trigger pull, and not all concealed carriers are comfortable with that. The new DVG-1RD pistol is a striker-fired variant that's sure to please. 

In this NRA Gun of the Week video from American Rifleman's Evan Brune, the optic-equipped SCCY DVG-1RD takes center stage. Its 10+1 ammo capacity fits neatly into a CCW-ready package that's just a hair over an inch wide (1.19") and a hair over a pound in weight (17.5 ounces). How does it shoot? Click the video above (and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel)!


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