Video Review: Colt Python 3" Revolver

Is this the "Goldilocks" gun you wanted all along? Our reviewers think maybe so ...

posted on November 21, 2023

Colt originally made its mark on history with its revolvers back in the 19th century, and the company's renewed commitment to producing the finest wheelguns in the world shows in its revived "snake series," the Colt Anaconda, the Colt Cobra, the Colt King Cobra ... and the focus of today's review, the Colt Python.

Originally re-introduced in 2020, the Python was initially only available in two barrel lengths: 6" and 4.25". Measurements like these can make it difficult to carry concealed, so naturally shooters clamored for a 3" barrel, too. Now it's here, and as NRA Publications Editorial Director Mark Keefe said, "When Colt reintroduced the Python in 2020, this actually is the 'Goldilocks' gun I wanted all along."

You see, a 3" barrel is a "middle ground" between the long-barreled revolvers best suited to open carry and the 1" revolvers best suited to concealed carry. The Python 3" weighs just over 2 lbs. with an overall length of 8.5", so it's still a bit on the hefty side for concealment (although it absolutely is possible with the right carry position, holster and belt rig). 

Continues Keefe, "I gotta tell ya, for a 3" barreled gun, this thing actually shoots very well. It could be a carry gun if you're a big guy and don't mind carrying a big gun that weighs 40 ozs." However, he expects this revolver to shine the brightest in the backwoods. "But as a trail gun, it's got just enough barrel, just enough sight radius, that it can fulfill a couple of different roles. And I must say that once I got a chance to take it to the range, this is everything that I'm looking for."

In this terrific Rifleman Review courtesy of our friends at American Rifleman, you'll learn more about the history and creation of this fine revolver. MSRP $1,499;


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