Video Review: Colt Anaconda Revolver

This second-generation .44 Magnum wheelgun offers an amazing range-time experience for self-defenders and hunters.

posted on July 21, 2023

The Colt Anaconda revolver first coiled itself around shooters' hands in 1990, and it enjoyed a lot of success with shooters ... but about 15 years later, it quietly slithered away. In 2021, Colt brought the Anaconda back, but not before making some fairly significant changes to the platform. This second-generation Anaconda's diet has changed from .357 Mag. to .44 Mag., and it boasts an upgraded trigger.

This DA/SA revolver has tighter tolerances, which, according to reviewer Chris Olsen, "equates to a better trigger pull, better accuracy and a better user experience in the end. Colt does employ its linear leaf spring inside here to provide a really nice, buttery-smooth trigger pull. In double-action, the gun's trigger is much heavier than in single-action mode." In double-action mode, there's a 10-lb., 1-oz. pull; in single-action, it registers as a 5-lb., 2-oz. pull.

There's no doubt that the .44 Mag. is a heavy-hitting cartridge, but the gun's size and weight helps ameliorate recoil. It tips the scales at 53 ounces, and is available with 6" and 8" barrels for extra accuracy in the field. Said Olsen, "Now, if you wish to save some of the recoil, you can download to the .44 Spl. cartridge and still get great performance from the system."

The Colt Anaconda has a six-round capacity, and is drilled and tapped for optics should you wish to mount one. If not, the gun comes with lovely iron sights consisting of a front ramp sight and a fully adjustable rear. MSRP $1,499;

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