Video Review: Springfield Armory XD-M Elite Compact 10mm OSP Handgun

We think one of the best balances of power, size and features in the Springfield lineup is its XD-M Elite 10 mm OSP. Here's why.

posted on January 5, 2024

The Springfield line of XD pistols has been around long enough that many shooters don't remember that the "XD" stands for "eXtreme Duty." This tried-and-true favorite was engineered to give civilians the same reliability, accuracy and features traditionally relegated to law-enforcement duty guns. Over the years, Springfield has created multiple options in various chamberings and different barrel lengths, but the real innovation came with the "OSP" part of the guns' nomenclature ... you see, "OSP" stands for Optical Sight Pistol.

Reflex sights, also known as red-dot sights, have become de rigeur among shooters for many reasons. Chief among them is that, although there's no substitute for training and practice, reflex sights simplify target acquisition. They cut through many of the visual problems that shooters may experience with aging, and they also bolster accuracy (especially under stress).

Comments American Rifleman Editor-in-Chief Brian Sheetz, "The XDM has always been a well-respected, well-received line of pistols. The Elites with match enhancements, such as the META Trigger, Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly, and a match-grade barrel and cosmetic treatments such as the chevron-shaped, wide-spaced cocking serrations have just made a good platform even better." Continues Sheetz, "So the XD-M 3.8 compact OSP 10 mm is really, in my opinion, one of the best balances of size, features, power and aiming options that Springfield offers."

Watch our "American Rifleman Television" Rifleman Review segment above for a detailed look at the compact, powerhouse pistol!



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