The Gamo Whisper G2

posted on August 25, 2014

One of the most prolific manufacturers of serious air guns is the Spanish company Industrias Gamo, based in Barcelona, Spain. Indeed, Gamo has a solid reputation as a producer of a long list of quality air pistols and air rifles. In the latter category Gamo's models deliver a potent punch with plenty of accuracy.

One of the newest air rifles in the group is dubbed the Whisper G2. As its name implies, the Whisper G2 was designed to be not only powerful and accurate, but to deliver remarkable performance with a minimum of discharge report.

By their very nature, air rifles-especially those employing a spring-piston power plant-tend to operate rather quietly. However, the more powerful models in this category can produce a fairly loud report compared to more sedate specimens in the spring-piston group. Gamo designers went to work and came up with a novel solution that they have been adding to most of their truly high-powered springers for several years.

The Whisper G2 employs Gamo's Turbo Stabilizing System Technology, which brings the mainspring to a smooth stop in the chamber, decreasing vibration. Its integrated noise dampener reduces the sound up to 52 percent and consists of a fixed silencer-like addition to the barrel. The latter is fluted and has a polymer finish.

gamo whisper buttstockThe Whisper G2 is a full-size air rifle at 46 inches overall and weighing a hefty 8 pounds. Thus, it is intended for folks who want a rifle that feels solid and potent. The molded all-weather synthetic stock has an ample pistol grip and the cheekpiece is adjustable for both right- and left-handed shooters. There is also a thick rubber recoil pad.

The barrel-cocking action demands an effort of 32 pounds, which is not excessive considering the power of this rifle. The sights consist of a fully adjustable open rear with click dials. Up front there is a red fiber-optic element protected by a hood. The two-stage SAT (smooth action trigger) is adjustable and incorporates a manual safety consisting of a rocking tab just ahead of the trigger. In addition to the open sights, the Whisper G2 comes with a 4x32mm scope complete with rings. The top of the receiver is grooved to accept a scope.

Shooting tests confirmed Gamo's claims regarding the power and performance of the G2.  Using Gamo's own PBA Lightweight Platinum pellets, the G2 can generate a muzzle velocity of approximately 1,275 feet per second (fps). Standard lead pellets can still pack quite a punch in this rifle.  A .22 (5.5mm) caliber version of this rifle has a muzzle velocity rating of 975 fps with the aforementioned PBA pellets.

The .177-cal. G2 on test was a solid, impressive performer. Using only the rifle's open sights, I was able to print half-inch-wide groups at 20 yards. That kind of precision, coupled with the rifle's sizzling power, makes it a good choice for pest control and small-game hunting. Its inherent quietness is also an important factor to consider, as it is not likely to spook nearby quarry upon discharge.

With an affordable price and lots of sensible features, the Whisper G2 would be an ideal choice for folks looking for a quality air rifle suitable for a variety of practical applications, including home practice, vermin control and recreational shooting.

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SpecificationsGamo Whisper G2

Manufacturer:      Industrias Gamo, SA, Barcelona, Spain
Distributor:          Gamo Outdoor USA, Inc. (
Caliber:               .177 (4.5 mm) – Tested (.22" cal. also available)
Ammunition:        Airgun pelletPower
Plant:                  Spring-piston; barrel-cocking action
Length Overall:  46 inches
Barrel:                18 inches, rifled steel
Weight:               8 pounds
Sights:                Click-adjustable for w&e rear unit, tunnel front with red fiber-optic element
Trigger:              Two-stage, fully adjustable
Safety:               Manual, trigger block
Stock:                Molded synthetic with adjustable cheekpiece and rubber recoil pad
MSRP:               $269.95


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