Reviewed: Umarex Prymex .177-cal. Air Rifle

Want a budget friendly break barrel gas piston powered pellet rifle that doubles for target fun and small game?

posted on April 10, 2024
Umarex Prymex

My pleasure with Umarex' Prymex air rifle began upon unboxing. I noticed right away that the feel of the rifle was quite good. It fits in the hands well and the stock is not bulky or “fat.” This means that getting a good grip on it should be easy for nearly everyone.

After mounting the included scope and reading the directions a few times, I gathered a variety of pellets and headed to my outdoor range to run the rifle through its paces. I put out a few old targets to get a feel for the rifle and begin zeroing it. The trigger pull on the rifle is quite good. I noticed no creep, rough spots or long pull that would interfere with marksmanship. The trigger breaks clean and consistently each time at around 5 lbs.

The scope is a 4x32. I am over 50 and have had LASIK, so my eyes are not bad, but they are aging a bit and I find a variable power scope to be helpful. The included scope is decent, but not top-of-the-line. (In all fairness, I think I could say that about all airgun packages that come with a scope ...) When I was sighting-in and moving the crosshair adjustments I watched as the point of impact (POI) of the pellets walked right along with my adjustments. Hence, the scope adjustments appear accurate and sighting-in took little time and few pellets.

Before I go any further, I have to note that the fiber-optic sights on the air rifle are excellent and easily adjustable for both windage and elevation. I really liked and appreciated that the rifle had great open sights for those of us who prefer them.

I started with RWS Hobby Sportline pellets in 7 grain. I also shot Crosman Premier Destroyer 7.4 grain pellets and H&N Baracuda match pellets in 10.65 grain. The RWS and Crosman pellets had a POI of nearly the same on the target, and both had average groups of right at an inch. I find this to be sufficient for backyard fun and even small-game hunting. However, if you want better accuracy, try the H&N pellets, which are heavier and tend to group lower on the target very tightly in all the air rifles I have shot over the past year. Just adjust your sights up for the drop in trajectory.

One thing that did surprise me a bit about the Prymex was the noise level. It is not overly loud, but it is not very quiet either. I would equate the noise level to a .22 standard-velocity rimfire going off. If you have a small backyard with nosy or disagreeable neighbors, consider shooting this airgun elsewhere the first few times to get a feel for the noise level and make a decision from there. I would put it at a definite "medium" in the air rifle noise category.

I love shooting squirrels and groundhogs with my .22 rimfire around the farm, so this air rifle is going to be a similar tool to use without having to worry about the pellet going a mile and a half like a.22 rimfire bullet. The box on the Prymex says the danger distance is 625 yards.

Cocking the rifle was not as hard as some break-barrel pellet rifles I have used. In fact, I had recently injured my back and muscles around my ribs and was a bit concerned how testing this rifle was going to affect my recovery. The rifle was easy enough to cock that I do not think the testing impacted my back at all. The barrel is slim and easy to grasp, and cocking effort was very reasonable.

When the rifle is cocked, the safety is automatically engaged and is located right in front of the trigger. I was able to easily push that safety to fire with my trigger finger when ready to shoot.

Overall this air rifle gets a big thumbs up from me. At a price point just under $100, it is a great air rifle for a kid or an adult and it will last for a long, long time if oiled properly and cleaned. The accuracy is very good and the ease of use is plus. The rifle is well made and will fit many shooters quite well. Consider this to be a great target or small game rifle. I really like the rifle and its fit, accuracy and price point. Good job Umarex!


  • Break-barrel gas piston that is smooth
  • Lightweight, maintenance free, polymer stock with textured pistol grip
  • Forearm has a finger groove
  • Velocity is up to 1,100 fps with alloy pellets and around 1,000 fps with lead pellets
  • Fiber optic sights that are fully adjustable
  • Dovetail groove for optics
  • Package includes a 4x32 scope and rings
  • Length of pull is 14"
  • Overall length is 45"
  • Weight is 6.2 lbs.
  • Trigger pull averages around 5 lbs.


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