Reviewed: Taurus TX 22 Compact Pistol

Learning the basics on a simple yet reliable gun is priceless, and Taurus does not disappoint.

posted on February 8, 2023
Taurus Tx22 Compact

Hot off the presses for this year’s 2023 SHOT Show is the Taurus TX 22 Compact. Following in the footsteps of the original TX 22 launched by Taurus, this new release demonstrates the influence of industry trends in this compact, yet powerful powerhouse of a handgun chambered in .22LR. Red dots are hot right now, and the research and development team at Taurus had this in mind when they opted to make this new offering optics-ready. This semi-auto pistol is compatible with optics with footprints that match Holosun K optics, as well as the Shield RMSc.

Should you wish to forgo optics and stick with irons, the pistol does come with stock iron sights, including a white dot front sight with an adjustable rear sight. If you have already decided that you will be mounting a reflex sight on this new compact, Taurus also offers an option with a small yet robust red dot sight from Riton pre-mounted and ready to go. Additional features include options for threaded or non-threaded barrels, varying magazine capacities, an accessory rail ready to accept a laser or flashlight, and more. 

Having already had ample trigger time on its big brother, the TX 22, the platform of the compact version had a familiar and welcomed feel. As we were shooting .22LR, felt recoil was minimal, allowing us to get right back on target for quick follow up shots.

Transitioning between steel plates using the mounted red dot from Riton was smooth and effortless, making this an excellent option for those looking to compete in steel challenge--or perhaps a friendly plinking competition with friends and family. Lastly, the TX22 Compact, just like its big brother the original TX-22, ate every type of .22LR we could throw at it (which was very welcome, because we all know how finicky .22LR can be).

From a training aspect, as an instructor, I find that handguns chambered in .22LR are an invaluable piece of my kit, especially with students who are brand new shooters and have never before handled a firearm. Learning the basics on a simple yet reliable gun is priceless, and Taurus does not disappoint. Aside from training new shooters, the TX-22 Compact is also an excellent option for use in CCW training, especially when it comes to drawing from a holster. When it’s all said and done, new shooter or old pros alike are certain to welcome this new handgun into their collection. MSRP $469.99;





13 rounds (10 round option available)

Front Sight

Fixed (white dot)

Rear Sight

Drift Adjustable Serrated

Magazines Included


Action Type


Frame Size


Barrel Length

3.60 inches

Overall Width

1.25 inches

Overall Height

4.90 inches

Overall Weight

16.5 ounces (unloaded)

Twist Rate




Frame Material


Frame Finish


Slide Material


Slide Finish

Hard Anodized Black

Barrel Material

Steel Alloy

Barrel Finish

Matte Black





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