Pow! Federal Launches Punch Ammo in 30 Super Carry

When a caliber designed just for concealed-carry meets ammunition perfected for defense, this is the result!

posted on August 17, 2023
Federal 30Supercarrypunchjhp Lg

When Federal Ammunition launched its Punch ammunition product last year, self-defenders were excited for an ammo design that was perfected for self-defense (even in tiny calibers). Today, we've learned that the Punch just got a little harder with the addition of the all-new 30 Super Carry Cartridge., which is a new caliber designed specifically for self-defense. 

There's a lot for shooters to love about this new ammunition. It offers the same power as 9mm Luger, but with significantly less recoil. Less recoil means better shot-to-shot recovery time and superior accuracy. It also offers shooters as many as three more rounds of magazine capacity in currently available handguns. The Punch 103-grain jacketed hollow-point bullet design is designed for real-world defensive situations, in which the "bad guy" is not wearing a coat made of ballistic gel. It's an extremely easy-to-shoot and effective option for real-world defense.


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