NRA Family Entertainment: LIVinOutdoors TV Show

From homesteading to homeschooling, the O’Haras do it all--while armed and in style.

posted on February 10, 2024
Livinoutdoors Lede

If the last four years have taught NRA Families anything, it’s that it is crucial to be self-sufficient and to stand boldly in our convictions about what is right for our families. LIVinOutdoors is the newest outdoor lifestyle show presented by Ruger, the arms maker for responsible citizens, and Jen O’Hara, co-founder of the iconic outdoor fashion line Girls with Guns Clothing. It focuses on the adventures of an armed American Momma on her quest to teach her daughters what it means to truly live off of the land.

Episode 1 of LIVinOutdoors is now streaming on CarbonTV with a new episode dropping every month. Each episode of LIVinOutdoors follows Jen and her family, including her two daughters, four-year-old Olivia, Mama Liv and 20-month-old Chloe, as they tackle everyday living in rural Northern California. From homesteading to homeschooling, the O’Haras do it all--while armed and in style.

Catch them in the garden, harvesting homegrown veggies, or in the kitchen, canning their crops and cooking up wild game. Hop in the side by side with Jen and the girls while they explore their property, feeding animals, checking trail cameras and enjoying the beautiful Northern California sunshine. Traditional family values and a strong faith in God guide the O’Hara family in all that they do, and they are excited to share the ins and outs of their daily life through LIVinOutdoors.

Paying homage to her country roots, LIVinOutdoors will also feature two of Jen’s favorite pastimes: hunting and shooting. One day she’s on the hunt to fill her family’s freezer with healthy, nutritious wild game with one of her Ruger American rifles, and the next, she’s teaching CCW class at her local range with her Ruger Max-9. No matter where she goes, she’s guaranteed to be packing.

Jen's passion for self-defense and personal protection led her to co-found Girls with Guns Clothing with her best friend-turned-sister-in-law, Norissa "Eggie" Harman. Since 2009, they have been on a mission to educate and empower women to be safe and stylish, both in the field and on the range, and LIVinOutdoors perfectly captures what it means to be a modern-day momma, business owner, homesteader and proud Second Amendment advocate. Find the show on CarbonTV here!



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