NRA Family Entertainment: Legacy, the Story of Strut Commander

Ducks, bucks, purrs and clucks: The Robertson family has inspired so many. Will you be next?

posted on April 15, 2024

Here's an inspirational video for your NRA Family: Legacy. It's a fascinating glimpse into how the camera and production crew behind the popular show Buck Commander directed their passion for turkey hunting into a full-blown series--along with a webstore offering various turkey calls and apparel. Lead Strut Commander Jordan Summitt gets personal about what turkey hunting means to him and how hunting with his kids is more than hunting ... it’s about sharing time, educating the next generation and making memories.

Proudly sponsored by Burris Optics, a leading innovator in precision optics, Legacy tells an age-old story that is made new again every time a parent takes their child to the hunting woods for the first time. There's nothing like turkey hunting to teach patience, teamwork, safety and woodsmanship ... and there's nothing like that moment when you finally put your red-dot on the base of a strutting gobbler's wattle. 

"We are thrilled to be part of this video with Strut Commander," said Jordan Egli, Director of Marketing of Burris Optics. "At Burris, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of precision red dot optics for turkey hunting.”

Want to see more great Duck, Buck and Strut videos? Check out Duck Commander's YouTube channel here!


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