Must-Have Gear for Extreme Cold-Weather Hunting

Staying warm and comfortable is crucial for an enjoyable, safe and successful hunting experience.

posted on November 8, 2023
Istock Cold Weather Hunting

Venturing out in the cold for a long winter hunt can be downright miserable if you aren’t well prepared. Staying warm and comfortable is crucial for an enjoyable, safe and successful hunting experience. While there are countless items marketed towards comfort afield, read on for what we have deemed winter-weather must-haves for your next cold-weather adventure afield.

Insulated Hunting Boots

When purchasing a pair of insulated boots for winter, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, ensure they provide adequate insulation to keep your feet warm in cold temperatures. Many boots, like sleeping bags, have temperature ratings for which they provide the most ideal comfort and protection against dropping temperatures. Look for boots with high-quality insulation materials like Thinsulate or other synthetic fills. You'll want to look for waterproof options, especially since you'll most likely be hiking into the woods through frost or snow. Look for a boot with an aggressive outsole, as this will aid in preventing slips and falls on slick terrain.

Lastly, when trying on boots be sure to do so with the same socks you plan on wearing during the hunt. The warm socks you wear during winter hunts will be slightly bulkier than those you wear in the spring and summer, so sizing up a half-size or so from your normal size may be required.

Thermal Base Layers

Dressing in layers is a must, as you want to be able to peel off layers or add on with ease. Even if it’s freezing when you start, by the time you’ve walked a bit you’ll be much warmer. If you break a sweat, that moisture will dampen your base layers, and the moment you slow down you’ll get colder than ever.

That’s why, when choosing your base layers, look for materials that offer exceptional moisture-wicking capabilities, thus preventing chill-inducing dampness. Fabrics such as merino wool or advanced synthetic blends are known for their ability to regulate body temperature effectively. A snug yet comfortable fit is essential, as these base layers should sit close to your skin without restricting movement.

Seek out options with flatlock seams to prevent chafing and irritation during prolonged wear. Finally, opt for base layers with odor-resistant properties, especially for extended hunting trips where changing clothes may not be an option.

Wool (or Performance Synthetic) Socks

When it comes to staying warm and mobile, your feet are the most important part of your body ... not your head. The best socks for keeping your feet warm without causing excessive sweating are those crafted from moisture-wicking materials like merino wool or certain synthetic blends. Merino wool is renowned for its ability to regulate temperature and wick moisture away from the skin. These natural fibers can absorb a significant amount of moisture, and will stay warm even when wet. Look for socks with a medium to heavyweight thickness, as they provide the right balance of insulation without causing overheating.

Additionally, consider socks with seamless toe construction to prevent friction and irritation. Opt for designs with ventilation panels strategically placed to allow excess heat to escape, promoting breathability.

Portable Heaters

Exposure to cold air leads to not only discomfort but decreased focus. If you’re planning on hunting from a stand, a portable heater can be a game-changer. With most options fueled by small propane canisters found in the camping aisle of your local big-box store, these heaters provide a reliable source of warmth, helping take the edge off frigid conditions. Having such an item at your disposal can help prevent the onset of cold-related issues, such as numbness which greatly affects fine motor skills and the ability to manipulate your firearm or bow.


A favorite piece of gear amongst hunters is a good, insulated pair of coveralls. Firstly, they provide full-body coverage, minimizing exposure to the elements, which helps maintain warmth. Additionally, coveralls are typically designed with durable, weather-resistant materials that shield hunters from rain, snow and wind, ensuring they stay dry and comfortable throughout their outdoor endeavors. The one-piece design eliminates potential gaps that may occur with separate jackets and pants, providing a seamless barrier against the elements.

While designs may vary based on the manufacturer, you can expect certain features such as a multitude of pocket options, zippered legs for easy access to your boots and more. When choosing a pair of coveralls, expect to size up one size from what you normally wear to allow room for additional layers underneath. Overall, coveralls are a practical, efficient and cozy choice for hunters seeking reliable protection and functionality during their outdoor escapades.

Heated Mittens

Nothing is worse than frozen fingers and toes when spending time outdoors in the winter. If you have found yourself having a hard time finding a pair of gloves that not only keep your hands warm, but also fit just right while still allowing easy access to your gear, consider trying out a pair of heated mittens. A game-changer for hunters facing bitter conditions, having a constant heat source to keep your hands warm is priceless.

The integrated heating elements provide targeted warmth to your hands, keeping fingers toasty even in freezing temperatures. The flip tops, on the other hand, offer versatility and convenience by allowing easy access to bare fingers for tasks that require dexterity, such as adjusting gear or handling equipment. This means hunters can enjoy the benefits of warmth without sacrificing functionality.


This highly versatile piece of gear provides full coverage for both your neck and face, shielding these sensitive areas from harsh winds and potential frostbite, while maintaining overall body warmth during extended periods outdoors. Balaclavas are typically made from insulating materials like fleece or merino wool, which trap heat close to the skin while wicking away moisture. A snug fit allows for easy layering under other headgear like a thick winter hat, providing an extra barrier against the elements. Lastly, balaclavas are incredibly versatile, offering multiple ways to wear them - covering the entire face, pulled up to cover the nose or rolled down to act as a neck gaiter.

With the right gear, you can stay warm and comfortable throughout your time outdoors. By investing in quality gear tailored for cold-weather outdoor use, you will have taken the necessary steps to ensure an enjoyable time afield. Stay warm, stay safe, and happy hunting!




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