Henry Repeating Arms Gifts $50K to Tunnel to Towers, Housing America's Heroes

In honor of the man who tunneled to the falling World Trade Center towers, Henry's donation is just the beginning.

posted on June 28, 2022
Henry T2T

We've written a lot in this space about Henry Repeating Arms' Guns for Great Causes program. Those great causes don't stop with the families of very ill children. There are other heroes who need recognition and support, and in typical Henry style, that support is coming in the form of a big check and a big promise for many more. This year marks Henry Repeating Arms’ 25th anniversary, but the company is celebrating as it has always done ... by giving back. Henry CEO and Founder Anthony Imperato recently presented a $50,000 check to Tunnel to Towers Foundation Chairman and CEO Frank Siller. It's the first donation of a $1,000,000 Silver Anniversary pledge to various charities through the company’s Guns For Great Causes program.

What's the Tunnel to Towers Foundation? It's a terrific nonprofit that supports first responders, military veterans and their families with mortgage-free homes. (Over 450 have been assigned already.) If that seems truly remarkable, that's because Tunnels to Towers was founded in honor of a truly remarkable man. His name is Stephen Siller, and like all of us, he was caught completely unaware by the terrorist attacks on America on the morning of September 11, 2001. On his way to a golf outing with his brothers after working his shift with Brooklyn’s Squad 1, the World Trade Center’s North Tower was attacked. Stephen didn't hesitate. After turning around to grab his gear and realizing he could not drive through the closed Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, Stephen strapped his equipment to his back, ran through the tunnel on foot, and ultimately laid down his life to save others. In honor of Stephen’s sacrifice, Siller's surviving siblings founded Tunnel to Towers. (With a 4-Star Exceptional rating from Charity Navigator, you can also confidently give directly to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Visit t2t.org to make a one-time donation or extend the generosity with a monthly $11 contribution.)

The $50,000 check that Imperato recently presented to the Tunnels to Towers Foundation is just the beginning of a huge 25th-anniversary celebration for Henry Repeating Arms. Over the coming months, the company will offer 1,000 unique Henry Golden Boy Silver Anniversary edition rifles for sale ... but not through dealers. These will be sold exclusively online (and shipped to an FFL near you for the background check). One hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit charities supported by the company’s Guns For Great Causes program – including sick children’s hospitals, military veterans, law enforcement and 1st responder organizations, wildlife conservation, hunting and shooting sports education and pro-Second Amendment endeavors.

These limited-edition rifle drops will be first come, first served, and when they're gone, they're gone! We here at NRA Family will keep a weather eye out, but just in case we're sleeping when the news breaks, you can visit henryusa.com and sign up for the email newsletter. Happy anniversary, Henry ... and thank you!


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