First Impressions: Cold Steel's Cable Whip Cane

This less-lethal defensive option is the utmost in discretion and utility.

posted on September 13, 2023
Whip Cane

There are few things more useful than a walking stick or cane. In the fields and on the trails, it steadies your gait and lets you reach out to things best not touched by hand (like a possible snake's den). Of course, we all can instantly grasp its use as a defensive tool, but a cane can be so much more than a simple blunt-force tool. Cold Steel has just announced a new twist on the cane: the Cable Whip Cane. This one-of-a-kind Lynn Thompson design empowers you in situations in which you cannot carry a firearm. 

What makes this cane different? Concealed within its unassuming exterior is a steel cable whip that deploys rapidly with just a simple flick of the wrist. At 38 inches in length, the high-quality, stainless zinc-coated steel cable whip provides users with an extended reach, allowing them to maintain a safe distance from potential threats, while also providing exceptional control and maneuverability.

If you've never been hit with a steel cable, you may be rolling your eyes right now. Yes, this is a less-lethal option. What you should know is that it is exquisitely painful to take even the most half-hearted blow from one. It's entirely possible to break an attacker's bones with a more vigorous strike. 

And yet, the cane looks like nothing but a cane. It will cause no consternation regardless of where you go. Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, it is durable and resilient, ready for years and years of daily use. Top that off with a versatile grip and knurled handle for a secure hold, and users can count on peace of mind during every outing, no matter where the day takes them.            

“In an unpredictable world, personal safety is paramount,” said Jamin Horst, Brand Manager. “Whether you're walking in the city, hiking in the wilderness, or simply going about your typical daily routine, this cane delivers the confidence to defend against aggressive encounters if they occur. And that’s something everyone deserves.” MSRP $119.99;




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