First Impressions: Swagger Hunter Series Bipods

A solid rest fosters great shots, which fosters ethical harvests, which fosters confidence for new hunters.

posted on October 3, 2023
Swagger Bipods Nrafam

For a new hunter, few things are as exciting as the sight of a mature buck, a proud strutting gobbler or a bugling elk. There are also few things as discouraging as missing that shot. Whether you're mentoring an adult or a junior who's new to hunting, it's common for new hunters to struggle to hold a heavy gun or bow steady. That’s why Swagger Bipods believes in building confidence in kids and other new hunters so they are ready when the opportunity arises. When hunters use the Swagger Bipods Hunter Series, they have the advantage of keeping their firearm in a ready position without experiencing fatigue ... so they are ready when that shot of a lifetime presents itself.

The Hunter Series Bipod is available in a 29” option that is perfect for sitting on the ground, in a chair placed inside of a blind or when hunting from a treestand. For taller hunting blinds or when standing to shoot, the 42” can help youth hunters make a steady shot every time. The Hunter Series Bipod attaches to the forearm of a rifle or shotgun and can be used with many models of crossbows. Because it is attached, the hunter never has to worry about packing extra shooting gear for a ground blind or weighing down their turkey vest when chasing spring gobblers.

Whether shooting on the range, in the backyard or while hunting, using a solid rest like the Swagger Bipods can boost the confidence of young hunters, allowing them to succeed in the field. When youth hunters experience success at an early age, they will continue to enjoy the sport of hunting and shooting for many years to come. MSRP $179.99;


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