New Sling CCW Bag For Concealed Carriers With Disabilities

posted on October 25, 2019

As we've noted here at NRA Family before, people with disabilities who wish to carry concealed have lots of options...which is good, because there are so many different unique individual physical challenges. That's why today's new that GTM Original (GTM) has just launched a carry bag that physically challenged concealed-carry holders will appreciate – the Sling Backpack GTM-CZY/108. Yes, that product name might be a bit of a mouthful, but it's easy enough to remember that this is the bag that Ashlee Lundvall, Ms. Wheelchair 2013 and the focus of one of our "Rising Shooting Star" series, gavea thumbs-up in her review at “Women’s Outdoor News.” Lundvall, who is on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition, is a strong advocate for outdoor traditions and sports for physically challenged people.

The Sling Backpack measures 12 inches tall, by 8 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep. As with all GTM products, a Mernickle holster is included in the purchase. The gun compartment footprint is 7 inches tall and 6.5-inches wide, which fits most standard size carry guns or multiple non-lethal options. Made of American cowhide in black or distressed full-grain buffalo leather, the rugged bag looks slim, but acts hefty.

With its perfect balance of form meeting function, along with GTM’s standard 11-ply steel wire slash-resistant shoulder strap, this bag is meant to be carried on your back and whipped around easily to the front, should you need to grab for a lethal or non-lethal defense tool. Bilateral access is available from the back of the bag to the holster. Thanks to the clip adjustment capability on the bottom, the bag can be carried on either the right or left side, keeping true to GTM’s mission of always being left- and right-hand accessible.

Pockets can be found throughout the bag – including internal RFID protected zip pocket, two inside pockets and three separate outside front zip pockets. An iPad or Kindle reader will easily tuck into this one, along with other essentials.

This attractive bag offers a very unisex appearance, which both men and women will enjoy. Nor is its appeal limited solely to people facing physical challenges! This pack also has become a favorite pick for motorcyclists, worn front chest.

Claudia Chisholm, president and co-founder of GTM, stated, “The need to provide protection products for wheelchair users is a void in this industry category. We were asked by a wheelchair user at SHOT Show to develop a front-chest product, allowing hands-free access that also sits, strategically, at arm-bent level for fast draw purposes. We also opened this project up to a design contest which resulted in the final form. We are highly proud of the service our GTM Sling Backpack provides.”

These bags are available now; the MSRP is $149-$169 depending upon the leather option you select. Click here for more details



Courtesy Winchester Repeating Arms Facebook
Courtesy Winchester Repeating Arms Facebook

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