First Impressions: ALPS OutdoorZ Vault Blind Bag "Waterfowl Workstation"

Serious waterfowlers and hobbyists alike will find plenty to love in this innovative wilderness workstation.

posted on March 4, 2022
Alps Blind Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ’ latest all-new for 2022 innovation for outdoors enthusiasts was designed to be the “ultimate “workstation” for serious waterfowlers, but it’s virtually impossible to look at the Vault Blind Bag without envisioning a dozen other possible uses. It’s a technical pack developed specifically for hunters pursuing birds in flooded timber, with tie straps, fold-down internal shelves and a solid waterproof bottom that you will probably need to hide from your handyman friends lest they borrow it.

Designed around a dual-compartment modular internal shelf and external support system, you can secure the Vault Blind Bag out of water and mud. It features two 24-inch tree straps that tuck conveniently into side panels and can be extended to wrap around a tree when hunting flooded timber right where you want it. You can also rest it on the ground should you wish; it has a self-standing weatherproof bottom.

The main pack compartment is where waterfowlers and sneaky next-door neighbors with DIY home projects will get especially interested. Inside is a fold-down internal shelf that, when deployed, serves as a stable work shelf or separates the pack into two compartments. A full-access U-shaped lid makes it easy to retrieve items from the main compartment without the risk of spilling contents. Naturally, there are plenty of zippered and elastic internal storage pockets, ideal for stowing decoys, gear … whatever you like.

The Vault Blind Bag isn’t just convenient to stow and hunt from; it’s also easy to carry. With padded shoulder straps and a pocketed waist belt, you can trek through the flooded timber. Additional features include multiple stake pockets with compression straps, 22 reinforced MOLLE gear loops, an oversized hold-open shell pocket capable of holding 2+ shell boxes, a drop-down gun boot and an oversized vacuum bottle pocket. MSRP $229.99;


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