5 Last-Minute Gifts to Get Your NRA Mom...Um, Now

posted on May 12, 2017

Uh-oh! If Mother's Day snuck up on you this year, worry not... the NRA Family team has searched up, down and all around to find a variety of gift ideas that will bring a smile to the face of every outdoor-loving mom this Mother’s Day.

1. NRA Store UnderTech Concealment Leggings

UnderTech Concealment Leggings from the NRA Store (pictured above) offer modern fashion sense with ultimate security. A universal appendix holster designed for right-hand draw only, as well as a universal holster in the small-of-the-back area of the leggings makes sure that your firearm is always at the ready. One of the holsters can be utilized to store your keys, phone, pepper spray or knife while out exercising or walking the dog. These superior leggings excel at concealing your firearm, mitigating the possibility of printing while wearing. Click here to purchase. MSRP $89.95



2. Browning Zip Around Wallet

The Browning Zip Around Wallet is composed of smooth black genuine leather and sports a stamped Buckmark diamond pattern. Each wallet is fully lined with pink Buckmark logo patterned, 100-percent cotton twill fabric. The stylish, silver Buckmark zipper pull grants access to the two interior pockets, eight card slots and mini zippered pouch. Click here to purchase. MSRP $39.99


3. Browning Harper Concealed Carry Handbag

Are you a concealed-carry permit holder looking for a great handbag that allows for comfort and ease while carrying your firearm? Take a look at the Browning Harper Concealed Carry Handbag, offered in brown or gunmetal. Gaining access to your firearm, from either the top or side entry points, is discreet and easy when utilizing the locking zippers and branded hidden key ring with small carabiner. The two removable straps allow for use as a backpack, cross-body or discreet carry handbag. Dressed with antique hardware and Browning branded trims, this handbag is sure to be used for years to come.
Click here to purchaseMSRP $99.99


4. Beretta Trident Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Beretta has taken their historic Italian Trident graphic design and turned it into a gorgeous pair of dangle earrings. The Trident’s three encircled arrows represent the three shots fired by a battleship when engaging the enemy. Each pair is made out of sterling silver and crafted in the USA. If you are looking for a “statement” piece of jewelry, Beretta’s Trident Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings are the perfect choice for you. Click here to purchase. MSRP $89


5. Cabela’s Landstrom’s Customized Heart Necklace

Landstrom’s Customized Heart Necklace features a cast sterling silver heart pendant with a 12-karat green leaf and a 12-karat pink leaf adorned on one side, with the option of adding one to six birthstones on the other side. Each item is constructed in the USA and includes a sterling-silver rodium chain and bezel. Click here to purchase. MSRP $150.49




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