2 New CCW-Ready Bushnell Red-Dots Mark the Spots

The RXC-200 and RXU-200 are designed for compact semi-automatics ... and deep on-body concealment, too.

posted on September 8, 2022
Bushnell Microdot 2022 Lede

Reflex sights (also called red-dot sights) are all the rage for a very good reason: They permit quick, intuitive sighting even under low-light conditions. More and more personal-defense handguns are coming to market already cut and ready for the user’s preferred reflex sight. Bushnell has just expanded its proven RX series line of red-dot sights with the all-new RXC-200 and RXU-200. Compatible with popular optics-ready pistols such as the Glock 43, S&W Shield, Springfield Armory Hellcat and SIG P365, these new micro sights also work with third-party adapter plates or rail mounts.

These new RX-series sights are engineered to reduce a concealed-carrier’s most urgent questions. First: Will my reflex sight make it harder to conceal my pistol, or to draw it? The RXC-200 and RXU-200 are both slim and streamlined without buttons and protrusions to stick out and snag your holster. They’re also quite compact indeed: The RXC-200 “Compact” boasts a 23.5mm overall height, while the RXU-200 “Ultra-Compact” comes in at a shorter 19.5mm.

Another question answered by these new reflex sights is that of battery life. After all, if Murphy’s Law is going to strike, it usually goes after the batteries. The RXC and RXU both offer over 50,000 hours of battery life when exposed to typical indoor ambient conditions. Both sights also feature a built-in, backup rear dovetail sight for fast alignment and peace of mind should Murphy’s Law land on you anyway.

All of this is possible because the RXC-200 and RXU-200 both feature an efficient and clear 6 MOA dot that automatically adjusts intensity for the environment and consumes less energy when holstered or stored. True Tone coatings mitigate blue tint and maximize light transmission.
Built to withstand harsh conditions and unrelenting recoil, the aircraft-grade aluminum RXC-200 and RXU-200 exceed MIL-STD-810 impact and vibration requirements. Both red dots are also IPX7-rated and moisture sealed to withstand being submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes. MSRP $199.99; Bushnell.com.



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