All-New 2022: Stoeger's STR-9 Pistol Goes Subcompact

posted on January 20, 2022

Stoeger's STR-9 striker-fired pistol was released in 2019 to great fanfare, exciting shooters with its reliability and low price point. The 2022 SHOT Show brings even more welcome news for Stoeger fans: a new STR-9SC Sub-Compact model that's optimized for deep concealment, as well as an STR-SC that's optics-ready.

Today's CCW practitioner demands a handgun that can go anywhere its user may legally carry it ... and more and more of us just won't carry without a reflex optic mounted. So it's good news that the new STR-9SC maintains everything we love about the original compact 9mm introduced in 2019. It's just smaller. The STR-9SC Sub-Compact series pistols measure 6.54 inches overall length and feature a 3.54-inch blued stainless-steel barrel. The unloaded weight is an easy-to-carry 22.4 ounces.

Of course, it's not just about concealability. The guns are also maximized from an ergonomic perspective. The guns' receivers are made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer with steel inserts for an ideal blend of lightweight and strength. Adding to the handguns' durability is the slide's Nitride finish, which minimizes wear during the most popular concealed positions inside the waistband (IWB) or outside of same, and resists rust and corrosion. Aggressive front and rear slide serrations ensure these small-profile defensive pistols can be easily manipulated for charging and clearing during high-stress operations.

For the growing number of shooters who desire a highly concealable pistol with a red dot sighting system, the STR-9SC Sub-Compact Optic-Ready is the go-to. This model comes with a factory-milled optic cut in the slide and four mounting plates with patterns to accommodate the most common micro-red dot optics on the market today. A cover plate is also included for open sight use.

Stoeger offers three models in the STR-9SC Sub-Compact lineup—standard STR-9SC Sub-Compact, STR-9SC Sub-Compact with Tritium night sights, and STR-9SC Sub-Compact Optic- Ready. All come with a medium backstrap, left- or right-side position magazine release lever, trigger safety, integrated accessory rail, front post/square notch rear sight configuration, and a 10-round magazine for 10+1 carry. Prices are $329, $399 and $399 respectively;







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