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Fike Hard To Get Lede

Teasing Tom! Play Hard-to-Get this Turkey Season

Show him you "ain't no hollaback girl."

How to Survive a Rockslide

What's worse than an avalanche? How about an avalanche of rocks?

Man Vs. Squirrel: GAMO & Buckmasters Squirrel Master Classic 2024

The author came armed with an airgun to this battle of wits of writer against rodent. Did he prevail?

NWTF: Wild Turkeys Come in Weird Colors

You know that turkey-feather colors vary by species and area, but did you know about the rare color variants?

Fun Friday: Turkey Hunting & the Importance of Enunciation

He wanted his daughter's first tom turkey to be an unforgettable experience ... and, well, it was!

Video: 3 Keys to Late-Season Deer Hunting

Didn't fill your freezer during rifle season? Primitive-weapons season offers plenty of opportunities. Here's how to make the most of them.

Lessons Learned: Hunting Incidents Are Preventable!

Let's review three recent (completely preventable) Iowa hunting incidents for a hunting-safety refresher course.

5 Silly Mistakes Hunters Make to Skunk Themselves

They're normal, they're natural ... and they're not going to help you harvest a deer this year.

Does Deer Hunting Make You a Better Driver?

It's that very special time of year, when the deer are trying to get under your wheels instead of in your crosshair.

Handgun Hunting & The Trespasser's Buck

Sometimes, even an old sheriff can only step back and laugh ... this was one of those times.

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