Video Review: Colt King Cobra Target Revolver

This precision wheelgun was designed for sharpshooters, but it's versatile enough for so much more.

posted on May 20, 2022

When Colt announced that it was reviving its classic King Cobra a few years back, Colt aficionados rejoiced ... and untold thousands of new Colt aficionados quickly joined their ranks. The first few models in the series were produced with concealed carry in mind, while this model is perfected as a target-shooting gun. That said, with its .357 Magnum chambering and 4.25" barrel, the King Cobra Target is a terrific candidate for home defense and self-defense in the backcountry as well. In this thorough video review from American Rifleman TV, Editor in Chief Brian Sheetz explains the ins, outs, shooter's tips and inner workings of this robust revolver. MSRP $999;


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