Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Outdoor-Loving Sweetheart

posted on February 2, 2017

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, are you having a hard time finding that perfect gift?  Our team at NRA Family has done all of the research for you.  We composed a great list of many unique gift ideas that your-outdoor loving sweetheart will absolutely love.

1. Hot Brass & Co. 12-Ga. Bangle Bracelet
Hot Brass & Co. combines the love of shooting with jewelry, creating this striking 12-Gauge Bangle Bracelet. This simple yet elegant bangle is crafted from a once-fired 12-gauge shotgun shell and 14-gauge wire, with the option to customize in brass or silver tones. Both options are lead- and nickel-free. MSRP: $22 

2. Beretta Casual Carrie Mustard Compact Carry Clutch
Looking to add a splash of color to your concealed-carry handbag options? Check out Beretta’s Casual Carrie Mustard Compact Carrie Clutch.  Made from soft synthetic leather, this clutch is perfect for keeping you organized and protected in style. The double-sided design is just right for concealing a compact to mid-size handgun on one side, while encompassing your wallet items on the other. MSRP: $87

3. Bass Pro Shops SPY Farrah Sunglasses
Did you know that sunglasses can help uplift your mood and alertness? SPY Optics, featured on the Bass Pro Shops website, uses Happy Lens technology to couple the beneficial aspects of long-wave blue light while tendering protection from detrimental shot-wave blue light. Long-wave blue light helps to aid the production of serotonin, which increases alertness, improves mood and promotes a healthy circadian rhythm. In addition to fostering a positive uplift in mood, these sunglasses enhance the contrast and clarity for unmatched crispness anywhere you look. MSRP: $100

4. Diamond Organics Escape & Evasion Gun Belt
Just a belt? The Escape & Evasion Gun Belt is so much more than just a belt. This top quality, American made, English harness leather belt contains three hidden, zipper-closed storage compartments to keep your survival gear close and ready for use. The solid brass, nickel-plated buckle is strong enough to break a car window in an emergency. Your sweetheart can wear this belt with confidence knowing that Diamond Organics stands by their products with an Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. MSRP: $79.00                                                                                       

5. Dango Tactical Wallets
Dango Tactical Wallets are crafted from CNC Machined 6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum and genuine top-grain leather, creating a RFID blocking, secure way to carry credit cards and cash. The optional pancake stainless steel multi-tool has over 10 functions, including bottle opener, saw, knife, phone stand and glass breaker, just to name a few. MSRP: $69.00

6. Gun Goddess Second Amendment Silk Tie
Second Amendment Silk Neckties from Gun Goddess are a great way for your sweetheart to showcase his support of the Second Amendment. Ties come in two options: federal blue with an embroidered gold rifle or royal red with an embroidered black pistol. Each is made from luxurious woven silk, 61 inches long, and shipped in an elegant gift box. MSRP: $59.99

7. Gun Goddess Custom Printed Range Towel
A range towel is a necessity, so why not have yours customized? Gun Goddess offers a microfiber towel that you can customize with your own design, logo or just about anything you can imagine. The creation process is different from screen printing or silk screening, so the printed area does not feel any different than the rest of the towel, allowing for total use. MSRP: $14.50

8. Das Horn Viking Drinking Horn with Display Stand
Why drink out of a glass, pint or flask when you can drink like a Viking conqueror with the Das Horn? The Das Horn is made from BPA-free plastic with a stainless steel rim and holds up to 24 ounces. This legendary drinking vessel includes a removable neck strap for walking around and a display stand for when you need to put it down. MSRP: $24.99

9. Surf City Paracord Survival Grenades
Surf City Paracord has created a must-have for the outdoors lover in your life. The M-550 Pro Bugout Frag Paracod Grenade with the integrated survival kit is a one-time deployable unit. Each unit contains 26 different tools that will assist in starting a fire, signal for help, purify water for drinking and be of great assistance to you until the cavalry arrives. MSRP: $90

10. Smartphone Projector
It has never been easier to watch your favorite movies projected with 8x magnification using this Smartphone Projector from the Guggenheim Store. Arriving ready to assemble, this compact, light and portable projector is the coolest and easiest way to use smart technology. Once assembled, simply drop your smartphone in and start watching your favorite movie projected onto the wall. MSRP: $34.95

11. NRA Store Cigar Gift Set
Calling all cigar aficionados and Second Amendment supporters: The NRA Store and Payne-Mason Cigars have created the perfect gift you. Arriving in a soft velvet bag is one NRA Torito Barber cigar, one NRA Torpedo Golden cigar, a stainless-steel cutter with the NRA logo and a three-torch butane lighter with punch. Each cigar is crafted by a Cuban master cigar roller and features custom NRA brands while delivering a memorable smoking experience. These custom cigars come in a sealed glass tube designed to preserve their freshness. MSRP: $68.95




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