TruGlo Lever Action Fiber-Optic Rifle Sets

posted on June 13, 2014

The new lever action fiber-optic rifle sets from TruGlo accommodate the Marlin 336, Marlin Guide rifles, Ruger 10/22, Winchester 94, Henry Golden Boy .22 LR and .22 Mag./.17 HMR, Henry Big Boy .44 Mag. and Henry Big Boy .357/.45 Colt. These optics replace existing factory sights, and each come equipped with full windage and elevation adjustment. The sights are CNC-machined for the best quality, and different sight heights are available.

Other features include:
Full windage/elevation adjustment
Extremely bright in low-light conditions
Easy installation
Replaces existing factory sights
Front diameter is 0.060 inches
Rear diameter is 0.035 inches
0.343-inch height - Fits most Marlin 336 (TG109)
0.450-inch height - Fits most Winchester 94, Henry Golden Boy .22LR, Marlin Guide Rifles and Henry Big Boy .44 Mag. (TG112)
0.500-inch height - Fits most Ruger 10/22 (TG111W) and Henry Golden Boy .22 Mag./.17 HMR, Henry Big Boy .357/.45 Colt (TG114)

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