The Top 8 YouTube Gun Channels You Need to Watch

posted on June 29, 2015

When it comes to firearm-related content, more and more people are turning to YouTube for a gun fix. Mainstream media has taken online series and turned them into successful TV shows, but for firearms enthusiasts leaving the online realm hasn’t happened yet. Who’s to say what might transpire down the road, but for right now here are 10 YouTube gun channels you should be watching...if you aren’t already. 

1. Iraqveteran8888
Unlike many TV shows, YouTubers often have names that are reminiscent of a screen name because it was the user name created when they were just a fledgling channel. Eric Blandford served, as his username suggests, with the Third Infantry Division in Iraq. Now he and his coworkers from Moss Pawn and Guns out of Jonesboro, Ga., make YouTube videos that have racked up over 100 million views. The channel consists of gun and gear reviews, torture tests, gunsmithing, how-to’s, reloading and much more—and of course some explosions. Eric and his costars are a fun crew that are easy to relate to, and frequently sport an array of facial hairstyles—particularly Barry—that are sure to make you feel at home. Watch them here.

2. Hickock45
If I could choose any YouTuber to teach me how to shoot, I think I would have to go with former competition shooter and all around good-guy Hickock45. He's a no-nonsense, drama-free shooter with amazing aim. In his videos he is calm and cool, always practices safe shooting and is another great portrayal of a responsible gun owner. This channel is particularly helpful for youth shooters, “New shooters and young shooters seem to especially find our videos useful,” says Hickock45. “At least that's the constant feedback we get.” Hickock45’s shooting range is right in his own backyard, and watching each video feels like visiting an old friend. Check him out here. 

3. RatedRR
The complete antithesis of Hickock45, Rated RR—recently rebranded Full Mag—Richard Ryan combines high-quality production with upbeat musical tracks and a ton of action to create a channel that appeals to the masses. Ryan partnered up with Discovery Digital Networks, and pumps out videos in series, such as Tech Assassin and The Breakdown. Tech Assassin is simply Ryan shooting a wide array of firearms at everything from cell phones and iPads, to an Xbox and smart watch. The videos show you both high-speed and slow motion clips. Rated RR, or Full Mag as it’s now called, is definitely an entertainment-centric channel with copious amounts of cool. Check it out here.   

4. Demolition Ranch
Demolition Ranch’s Matt is well known for his trick shots and shooting almost anything a viewer asks for from a shotgun (including porcupine quills, popcorn and flashlights)—but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Demolition Ranch channel has a variety of videos where he breaks and shoots things, but this channel was created just for fun and has turned into much more, “I've come a long way from where I started,” says Matt. “YouTube was a website that I frequented for fun five years ago, but has blossomed into something magical for me now. It has allowed me to do things I never imagined I would, like cutting time out of my real career to make silly YouTube videos. The Demolition Ranch channel offers light-hearted fun in a family-friendly environment. What sets me apart from the other channels is I am a veterinarian. I used my Internet "fame" from Demolition Ranch to grow my second channel, Vet Ranch. I set up a non-profit organization that takes donations from our viewers all over the world and I use those funds to treat wounded or sick homeless animals, and I video the whole process. I think it's pretty neat, and I still have a hard time believing that all this is actually happening.” Check out Demolition Ranch here. 

5. Nutnfancy
Nutnfancy is a self-proclaimed gear and adventure channel content creator who has mastered the firearm review video. He is a military veteran based in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Unlike some of the shorter, more explosive videos of other YouTubers, Nutnfancy has 45-minute long, in-depth gun reviews. The reviews often take on an almost podcast-like style, while using video to exemplify his points or the firearm; they also do a great job of getting up close and personal with the firearms. His knowledge of firearms is extensive, and if you’re looking for a detailed firearms review video, this is your guy. On the adventure side of things, Nutnfancy offers his viewers knife reviews, motorcycle videos, camping gear reviews and more. 

6. Military Arms Channel
Unlike some channels that tend to stray from the political, Military Arms Channel has an entire playlist dedicated to the subject. MAC also has videos on buying a used handgun, good concealment handguns, affordable optics and firearms and gear reviews. The host, Tim, is a former Marine and Indiana resident who combines clear video picture with good-quality shots and cuts for a video that is enjoyable to watch, yet chock-full of useful firearm information. The video you see here has the quality and voice-over reminiscent of something you would see on the History channel, and give you just as much information on Israel, the firearms companies that it hosts and more specifically the IWI Tavor. 

7. Sootch00
Sootch00 is sure to have something everyone will enjoy, from firearm and knife reviews to what you should put in your car survival kit. Sootch00, also known as Don, spoke to us about his page, “One of the best ways to help protect our Second Amendment is to promote the shooting sports and encourage personal responsibility for your own self defense. What better way to do that than spreading it through social media? YouTube gave me a platform to do both. I've found that once someone buys a firearm, they want to protect the right to own it and many start to become interested in being more proficient. I've had a lifelong passion for guns, gear and training, so documenting it on video was fun, but more importantly, it helped people looking for answers. Whether it is making a decision on a new gun purchase, how to install an accessory or gear that relates to guns, I try to guide viewers to make the best decision that suits their needs. Shooting tips and training is also an important part of what I do. Encouraging parents to teach their kids gun safety, taking new shooters to the range or ways to improve their own abilities is a large part as well.” Have a look at Sootch00 here. 

8. Colion Noir
Last, but most certainly not least, we have Colion Noir. You may know him as an NRA News Commentator, or even before that as the guy in the baseball cap who so eloquently put anti-gunners in their place with pure logic. When Colion speaks people listen, and the fact is that he has the smarts to back it up, having passed the bar to become a lawyer. Mr. Noir reviews firearms, but more importantly—and what he’s most known for—is tackling some tough subjects that others wouldn’t dare go near. Here are some, just to name a few: “Joe Biden Shotgun Response,” “Why Anyone Needs an Assault Rifle,” “Why Are Black Leaders Anti-Gun?” and more. Don't miss Colion' commentary; check him out here.


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