Teens Compete in NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest

posted on March 4, 2015

Wildlife ArtThe George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest Category III brings in artwork from seventh through ninth grade students. A diverse category, some artists are trying their hand for the first time while others are starting to tackle advanced techniques. This is also one of the most difficult categories to judge.

Above is First Place winner Pearl Kim, an eighth grade student from Germantown, Maryland. Her beautiful untitled deer painting impressed the judges with its attention to detail and ability to make you feel like you, too, were standing in the snowy forest.

The Category III Second Place winner is eighth grader Hannah Chen of Sewell, New Jersey. This painting of a bear, titled 'Contemplating Autumn,' revealed the vibrant colors of the fall and such great detail.

To see who won third place, visit NRABlog.com.



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