NRA's Gun Training For Women: Women On Target

Looking for a safe, comfortable introduction to personal defense? Try Women on Target!

posted on November 2, 2016

Your NRA has been teaching America's shooters the basics of gun safety and marksmanship since 1871, so who better to tailor a shooting course that's both by and for women than us? NRA's Women On Target (WOT) is a program designed specifically for women who want to learn the fundamentals of gun ownership in a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental environment. You may be wondering why NRA offers a program that's just for female shooters—after all, as the saying goes, "God made Man and Woman, but Sam Colt made them equal." It's absolutely true that women are every bit as capable of being safe and effective shooters as men, but there are several reasons why you may want to consider going (or suggesting a loved one go) to a Women On Target clinic for your introduction to gun ownership. 

1. Women On Target is for women, by women.   
As more and more women become gun owners, they're doing the responsible thing by seeking out firearms training. Seventy-three percent of female firearm owners have had at least one training class—which indicates that a high percentage of women entering the firearms owning lifestyle were not introduced to it as children by their families. It's important that a woman's first experience with guns is a positive one, and a major part of ensuring that happens is that their colleagues and instructors understand what they're going through. Who better to be empathetic to the needs and concerns of a first-time woman gun owner than other women who have similar experiences? That's why WOT clinics are limited only to women. 

2. Women On Target lets you "try before you buy."  
A terrific aspect of the WOT program is that you need not bring any of your own equipment to the clinics. Firearms, ammunition, eye and ear protection are all provided (and in many cases, so is lunch). What this means is that you need make no financial investment before you have your first experience shooting a gun. You'll be able to try out a variety of firearms in the range section of the clinic so you can experience for yourself what shooting is like, and whether you have a preference for a particular style or model of gun. You can read all about the different kinds of firearms and what individual reviewers' experiences have been like with them, but you may wind up being surprised which firearm you're most comfortable with when you actually shoot. (If you do have a firearm you'd like to bring, you're welcome to do so, of course.)

3. Women On Target clinics are affordable.  
Understanding the principles of gun safety and being able to apply them consistently in your life is extremely important, and that's why WOT clinics are designed to fit in every family's budget. Depending on the type of clinic (half or full day, whether meals/snacks are served, etc.), these clinics typically cost between $15 and $75, which includes the safety and marksmanship instruction, program materials, guns, ammunition, range time and safety equipment. NRA membership is not required to attend a WOT clinic.

4. Women On Target will introduce you to new friends.  
There's nothing in the world that will build a sense of camaraderie among people like going through a new experience together. You'll encourage and learn from one another, and get a chance to meet women who share your goals and values. A WOT clinic is a terrific chance to meet new people who will be happy to join you at the range for further instruction, or just to plink and hone your skills. Who knows? You might make some new lifelong friends.

5. Women On Target makes everything easy.   
It's simple to get involved in Women On Target: Just click here to find a WOT near you. If you have questions, feel free to contact WOT at (800) 861-1166 or e-mail [email protected] for more information. There's no experience necessary or expected for Women On Target attendees, so you can relax and absorb the information without worrying about whether anyone's judging you because everyone in the room is right there on the same page with you. 

Whether you're interested in buying your first gun and want to learn the basics of gun safety and operation first, or you've been given a firearm and you'd like to at least know how it works, or even if you aren't sure whether you'd like to own a gun at all, you're always welcome at Women On Target.


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