New for 2024: Hammerli Force B1 Rifle

With a toolless and field-ready transition between barrel lengths and smallbore calibers, it's a versatile confidence-builder.

posted on January 17, 2024
Hammerli Force B1 CATALOUGE 106

Brand-new for 2024, Hammerli Arms has just introduced its latest long-gun innovation: the Hammerli Force B1 rifle. This new gun incorporates several features normally associated with a four-digit price tag, but at a price NRA Families can afford. For example, the Force B1 is a straight-pull bolt-action rifle, building on the growing popularity of straight-pull bolt guns. (What's so great about "straight"? For starters, it's a much faster reload!) It also features a toolless, field-ready transition between barrel lengths--from the nimble .22LR to the potent .22WMR. 

Hammerli promises that the Force B1 is built to unleash confidence at the same rate as bullets. There's an adjustable stock that allows you to tailor the fit for length of pull and comb height ... and as you know, a gun that fits right, hits right. 

Another feature we normally associate with a steep price tag is the threaded barrel. Designed to embrace a variety of muzzle devices and suppressors, the Force B1 can roar or whisper as needed. The Picatinny optic rail provides a sturdy platform, enhancing field of vision. The trigger group, compatible with Ruger 10/22 style trigger groups, allows for easy customization and more control in each shot.

Caliber changes are effected by the Hammerli adapter system, which allows seamlessly coordinated caliber changes with the correct Ruger magazine to create a flawless fit. Ten-round Ruger rotary-style magazines secure shooter accuracy with a smooth and efficient feeding system that stands up to the rugged challenges of the wild.

“The Force B1 combines capabilities from competitive shooting with outdoor enthusiasts who spend time in the field, withstanding nature's elements. The mechanical features make this firearm resilient, while building confidence with every shot,” said Jens Krogh, vice president of marketing and product development. “This rifle is the perfect survival tool, and encourages shooters to tap into their natural instincts. They’ll never have to miss out on relentless functionality when faced with the ever-changing demands of the environment.” MSRP $649;


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